Final Fantasy XIV China approved by Ministry of Culture

Just like what they did to World of Warcraft and its every single expansion, FF14 today is reported to have finished the approval procedure by the Ministry of Culture.

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tigertron2380d ago

Nice to see the Ministry *cough* dictatorship *cough* is allowing games like FF.

Ranma12380d ago

They should not have allowed this sh*tty games.

It will give the chinese people who play some form of cancer.

This game is just another shi**y FF game from Square which no one wanted

Kamikaze1352380d ago

Awesome. Hopefully 2.0 will be all that SE are making it out to be.

catfrog2379d ago

i hope they can turn this game around, it wasnt terrible, but it was of lower quality than i would have expected from SE. with all theyre investing into it it should definitely be up to snuff by 2.0