Sony doubles down on games, confirms 10,000 lay-offs

New CEO Kazuo Hirai has revealed Sony’s strategic plans to dig back out of several successive loss years, focussing on core businesses and making significant cuts.

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THC CELL2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

looks like sony is heading to buy up more developers..

CarlitoBrigante2469d ago

With the same money they've been providing us AAAA exclusives for 17 years.

Hows Star Wars Kinect btw? Not looking good on Metacritic. Shame they had to ruin the SW franchise.

Gamer30002469d ago

lol that was epic
but hey the game is so epic and so awesome
"teh best game of all times"/s

look how awesome it looks

Disccordia2469d ago

Despite the market capital of the company being rather low at the moment, Sony have billions of dollars in reserve simply for acquisitions.

360GamerFG2469d ago

“The Company also aims to increase sales by enriching its catalog of downloadable game titles and subscription services available through the PSN platform, and also by expanding the lineup of PlayStation Suite compatible devices and content,” it said.
Pray tell, how on Earth did you get buying more developers from that?? They've closed down 3 developers in the last couple of months and now plan on cutting 10 000 jobs across the company, I doubt they are going to be in any sort of buying spree mood any time soon.
What I'm reading is that they intend on making alot more PSN games, hardly any course for buying new studios for.

wenaldy2469d ago

Why do you care about Sony and Playstation?

lover20122469d ago

those 3 dev didn't make any money for them
they were just a dead wight for them
you are talking like they closed ND or SM or GG or SP .. etc or any other dev from their huge lineup of 1st party devs

they will keep buying studios
they are just closeing the useless 1st party studios

adonis1832469d ago

goog luck sony, i hope you the best, .,,,,,,,,,of topic anyone knows when littleBigPlanet vita coming out?

JoeReno2469d ago

I don't think its been officially anounced. Amazon has 12/31/2012, but im sure thats just a place marker date.

BlmThug2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

You guys are bloody delusional or what. 4 billion dollar loss, last thing on their mind is buying up more devs

ironwolf2469d ago

Revised. $6.4 billion dollar loss for the fiscal year just ended.

kneon2469d ago

It's a good thing you don't run a major multinational corporation. What do you think they are going to do to improve the company, sit on their hands and stop spending money? That is a sure way to a slow death.

While I have no idea whether or not they are looking at buying any new devs, I can guarantee they will spend money where appropriate, it's called investing in their future.

BTW much of that loss is just funny money, it never really existed. It's just an accounting write off.

FrigidDARKNESS2469d ago

Wishful thinking dude....Sony is not a cash rich corporation like they once were. They are in no positions to buy developers while Kaz is working his ass off to make Sony a profitable company again.

kreate2469d ago

To make money u need to invest. And investing is one of the things sony will do to make the company profitable.

Sony wont be wasting money investing in tvs and related physical hardware where there isnt much return coming from.

Of course sony will invest more in the department they know return is coming, which is their gaming division.

GraveLord2469d ago

They don't need to buy more. The devs they have are enough and they make plenty of great games. What they need to do is make the Vita a success and get ready for the PS4 launch.

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PixL2469d ago

The sad side of Sony's downfall may eventually turn into benefit for gamers. Playstation will be more important than TVs and media players. More focus, more money in that business. As a gamer, I'm looking forward to it with hope. If they fail, I'll probably have to find another hobby.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2469d ago

Sounds like they've got it all figured out. Although it really sucks about the lay offs. If Sony's gaming division were to die, my gaming needs would need to be filled with billions of generic FPS's, punching fruit on my tv screen, and saving the same 2 worthless princesses for a living.

morganfell2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Hirai is definitely making the hard, right choices to set the company on the correct path. The gaming division as a result and focus will be the better for it. Part of these layoffs allow him the space to expand the gaming division as that is the area Sony that has the best promise.

I doubt, and VG24/7 should know better, that Hirai DID NOT fail to mention the PSP. He didn't forget, that omission was intentional as Sony obviously intend to remove focus from the PSP and concentrate their resources and those of developers of all parties on the Vita.

360GamerFG2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Because if sony goes away Elder Scrolls, Bioshock Mass Effect, Witcher, FIFA, Assassin's Creed, Forza, Zelda, Monster Hunter, GTA, Batman, Red Dead, Dues Ex, Castlevania, Metal Gear, Fallout, Portal, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Fable, Splinter Cell, Gears of War and hundreds of other non fps series would go with them right?
So to the disagreers, you're saying ALL those games would go with SONY?

fear882469d ago

I am pretty sure they would go away because Microsoft would double down on kinect appeal, thus forcing those games into extinction.

Lets put it this way, if Sony goes under, the industry will lose its greatest advocate to gamers. We have seen how fast Microsoft dumped gamers for the wii crowd. We saw how fast Nintendo gave gamers the cold shoulder during their success.

But Sony has always stayed consistent in delivering quality, abundance, and variety. Something that will easily die without a strong advocate and something that will die if Microsoft assumes a controlling duopoly.

The only other advocate would be Valve and their steam platform. If Microsoft assumes more control over the industry, you can bet that will be the next competitor on the chopping block if Microsoft has anything to say.

I don't want anyone in this industry to die. I want a better industry with full growth, better value, and more competition to drive content, innovation, and creativity.

I cannot imagine how much worse off we would be without all three platform holders and its that competitive nature and the need to innovate and create that this industry best thrives on.

I know you hate Sony, but we all know, no company should die or else gaming itself will die.

JoeReno2469d ago

Well said Fear88 +1bubble

lover20122469d ago

no, of course not
those games will always be on my pc
just like the xbox so called "exclusives"
you are like 24/7 trolling sony in every ps3 article on n4g
that's what you get when you only own xbox
no games to play but gears - halo or halo - gears

and sony isn't going any where
(i know you are dreaming for that day )

Fez2469d ago

Gaming wouldn't die. Atari dropped out, gaming went on... Sega dropped out, gaming went on. What makes you think it would be different with Sony?

A new competitor would probably emerge if there was a gap in the market.

Fishy Fingers2469d ago

Fez, probably young dude, any of the major three could drop out of the industry and gaming would continue, I'm not saying it wouldnt have an effect but it would be short lived.

Sony, MS or Nintendo, on their own, they are not "gaming", to suggest otherwise is ridiculous, especially when you hail Sony as the dominate force, but look at this gen subjectively, they're clearly not.

Disccordia2469d ago

Apple to purchase Sony rumours are going to start flying again soon..

Fez2469d ago

Are you talking to me?

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EffectO2469d ago

"looks like sony is heading to buy up more developers.."

More like Sony is heading to profits at no matter what.They plan to double profits in FY2014.PS4 will have to be profitable from day one.

hennessey862469d ago

Exclusives was never going to last, apart from the big games like GT5 they just havn't sold very well. Sony need to start making a profit if they want to stay afloat.

asmith23062469d ago

Bar the exclusives from the studios they have recently shut down, Sony studios games make a lot of cash. They might not sell 10 million, but 3-5m copies are great numbers. As a core gamer through and through I will always support Sony because Sony supports me as a core gamer. I can't say that about the Microsoft and Nintendo anymore.

lover20122469d ago

look for your self and say again they don't sell
i wold like to add too bec it's not the list
that MGS4 sold over 5m too
i don't get were did you guys come up with
"ps3 exclusives don't sell"

Disccordia2469d ago

I think it's more that, in this gen, games have been very expensive to develop. They have to sell more to make a substantial and worthwhile profit - not to mention Sony owns a LOT of studios that spend a fortune on r&d (polyphony, media molecule, santa monica, ND and possibly even QD stuff is funded mainly by them).

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