EA are killing console Battlefield 3 with Rent a Server tactics

Product-Reviews writes: Some of you have pointed out that the update has just served as a cash scheme for EA and DICE, with no incentive of keeping those who are not paying happy. If there was an equal balance of custom and official servers, it wouldn’t be such a problem, but 25 pages of Asia servers with not one official server on console tells you that EA are just looking to make as much money as possible out of the game now.

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da_2pacalypse2473d ago

Meh, I personally don't think rented servers are any different than the official servers. Just look for one with the settings you prefer. Why does it matter if it has a big huge "official server" stamp on it? They're all EA servers anyway.

tr00p3r2473d ago

Knifing an admin on a custom server produces dangerous results. Have you tried that yet?

FlashXIII2473d ago

Thus proving that too many console players are too childish for dedicated private servers.

glitchesR4bitches2473d ago

I played last week with this douche nozzle that killed our entire team so that his team could try to use spawn camping to beat us. Problem is this nerd sucked. I flanked his sorry ass knifed him and three of his butt buddies. They kicked me then sent me harrassing messages for two days.These servers only help out the pathetic 10% of players that cannot control their rage and have to kick anyone better than them. which is almost everyone.

DoomeDx2473d ago

Custom game rules?

Matches with 4x tickers are awesome

FunkMacNasty2473d ago

1000+ ticket matches are cool on, say, a rainy saturday afternoon. Unfortunately I don't always have the time to play 1 match of conquest for 3 hours!

tr00p3r2473d ago

1000 ticket matches just go on for too long. 500 I can handle, it's great fun on Metro, but 1000 each time? Come on lol.

SignifiedSix2473d ago

I find it to be a great idea actually. But its wayyy over priced.

You can rent bf3 servers for $1.25 per player slot on the PC!

I don't think they're killing the game with that.

They're killing it more with their lame ass patches that break the game even more.

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AusRogo2473d ago

Not all admins are bad sports. I have loads of fun on rented servers.

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