Resident Evil 6: Pre-order Bonus Mercenaries Maps Detailed

Capcom-Unity: Hot of the heels of yesterday's mind blowing Resident Evil 6 trailer, I come with more RE6 news/info! We previously announced that folks who preorder at either Gamestop, Amazon, and Best Buy would be getting an "exclusive map". I'm proud to announce that the series staple "Mercenaries Mode" will also be making a return to RE6 and will work hand-in-hand with the afformentioned bonus maps.

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zaz122384d ago

hahah Here comes the in-disc-DLC

LackTrue4K2384d ago

so pre-order in 3 different places..............."lam e"

ScubaSteve12384d ago

and it begins way to go capcom

LOGICWINS2384d ago

This is stupid..why split the community in three ways? It defeats the purpose of co-op...playing TOGETHER! Wonder if people on Capcom forums are complaining.

zaz122384d ago

These maps remind me of the old-good days of RE

GillHarrison2384d ago

I'm hoping Mercenaries now has a survival mode that is not counting down. I absolutely love Mercenaries but it I would love to see how long I can last.

AllroundGamer2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

i would like to preorder the Startup screen of the game, since it won't come automatically with it...

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