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Majin-vegeta2407d ago

Nice can't wait.

Can anyone translate what they say??

Lavalamp2407d ago

It talks about how the game takes place two years after the first one. There's a mystery behind why the map has a land mass that's frozen-over. 300 pokemon in the pokedex. New protagonist characters who are described as athletic and mature.

Blue haired character is your rival and is from Hiougi City, the starter town. A new mysterious researcher named Akuroma. The character with the guitar is a gym leader and is proficient in poison-type pokemon. She'll be in the anime. Shizui is a new gym leader as well specializing in water-type pokemon.

Archaic2407d ago

Why the heck would anyone bother submitting this story without submitting one from a site which actually has translations? Oo;

Oh well. I added the Bulbanews article as an alt-source. Full translations as well as observations of the regional differences in the new map.

DeleteThisxx2407d ago

Want some gameplay AND screen shots? Go to youtube and type in "Pokemon Black Gameplay"

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