Blizzard Sends 250,000 World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta Invites

Blizzard Entertainment sent out today another 250,000 beta invites to subscribers of the World of Warcraft Annual Pass.

By now, Blizzard has sent over 800,000 beta invites including the press and fansites since March 20th.

Blizzplanet speculates Blizzard might be planning to launch the next World of Warcraft expansion around the end of the Summer. This amount of World of Warcraft beta invites is unprecedented. Blizzard might be attempting to speed up the bug report and fix process to meet an internal release date.

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zeal0us2562d ago

Blizzard better do it sooner rather than later, especially with all the MMOs that are being release. Last thing they need is lose more players to the competition.

CommonSense2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

the problem with that is that this new race is really boring. i got to lvl 5 before i just didn't want to play anymore. ...which worked out cuz a fetch quest bugged and i couldn't continue anyway.

wow just seems like it's trying really hard to impress everybody by coming up with new tricks using the same decade old engine. it's really show its age these days.

FlashXIII2561d ago

YAY!!! Just checked my account and I got my invite now, it's going to be a good weekend!