Warriors Orochi 3 Co-Op Review (Co-Optimus)

Locke Vincent: "Warriors Orochi 3 (WO3) serves as a sequel to the events following the previous installments in the series. It features characters from both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors who have been forced into one world by a violent demon, Orochi. In combining the plethora of characters from both series, Warriors Orochi 3 allows for a fantastical dream battle where the main objective is to rid this new world of a terrible hydra that is wreaking havoc across the land. It is a shame that I have sworn off these types of games since a soured experience years ago. My jaded perspective remained fixated on the simple combat, falling into the common idea that the Warriors games were nothing more than ‘mash the attack button to win’. Warriors Orochi 3 is not reinventing the wheel in this case, but Tecmo Koei has taken years to iterate on their recipe and they have finally hit their stride and created the ultimate Warriors Orochi experience."

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