Psst...Hey, Japanese Devs, Your PS1 Classics Are Popular

Although it seems that Japanese developers think all Western gamers only want to play Call of Duty, so many old-school classics are extremely popular on the PSN.

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Snookies122408d ago

Well yeah, Final Fantasy 6-10 are classics that can be played over and over and over... I've played each of those at LEAST four times through a piece. It just goes to show you that games back then really were better in most cases. A lot of developers have lost their way (not of their own fault), it's because of the advancement in graphical prowess and attention to detail. It seems as though they've forgotten that above all else, a game needs to be fun. I don't care if it's got glitches, bad textures and no voice acting. Give me a story that'll blow me away, give me a world map where I can fly around anywhere I want to go (even if characters look chibi or unrealistic in proportion to things).

What I'm trying to say is, back then graphics weren't a primary focus. Sure they were amazing back when they first came out, but they also had more freedom on doing things in games.

GraveLord2408d ago

"Although it seems that Japanese developers think all Western gamers only want to play Call of Duty"

They don't "think" that. It's a fact. Look at the sales.
Numbers speak for themselves.

Most publishers will tell their devs to make games for the biggest audience. Right now the biggest genre is FPS.

All I gotta say is be happy they haven't turned Final Fantasy into an FPS. For all the talk about Japanese devs turning their games into "more like COD" I don't really see any resemblance.

Snookies122408d ago

They wanted to take inspiration from Call of Duty for Final Fantasy XIII-2 actually........

As awful as that sounds, that's what I heard. This statement alone really cemented the fact that Final Fantasy is going downhill really fast. If not the franchise, the developers themselves are pushing it down that hill... lol

Megaman_nerd2408d ago

FF13's level design and progression were inspired by Call of Duty not 13-2. 13-2 was bigger and more open....

Snookies122408d ago

Was that it? I could have sworn I heard their original idea for the beginning of XIII-2 was a CoD style first person thing or something... I dunno, I just remember something about CoD and FFXIII lol.

Godmars2902408d ago

That might be true, but then the whole current mindset for the JRPGs is in the wrong place. Thanks to the moe trend it more about the appearance of a journey, a character's appearance, than either an actual one much less an adventure.

Hicken2408d ago

Sales really don't mean everything. I would say to break down the demographics of people buying stuff like Call of Duty, but I doubt there are any facts to look up.

Even so, I'm pretty certain that a good chunk- not most- would be core gamers that spent a lot of time playing Japan's titles growing up. And they'd be happy to play more like those, if only Japan would make them and localize them.

But while Japanese developers are seeing those inflated CoD numbers- inflated because for so many people, it's the one game(or one out of very few others) they play- and wanting to get in on that cash, and at the same time having no faith that their own style of games will sell, we won't see as many great Japanese titles.

I should think the success of games like Tales of Graces, however, would encourage them. And if all the effort that went into Operation Rainfall isn't an indicator that we want Japanese games, I don't know what is. Other successes to take heart from would include Catherine and the Souls games.

At this point, I don't think it's a matter of us convincing the developers of anything; it's now up to them to believe what's right in front of them, instead of the illusion that is Call of Duty and the like.

kevnb2407d ago

Old final fantasy games are popular, and maybe a select few other games but don't kid yourself.

Wolfbiker2407d ago

The jrpg could ressurect itself in the form of $15-$20 PSN/XBLA titles.

Give me bastion or Journey style art direction with a compelling story and solid and exciting turn based battle system and you got a winner in my eyes.

I cant believe the jrpg devs haven't taken this opportunity.