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Finally, after years of waiting & asking, Nintendo’s Xenoblade Chronicles is releasing on Nintendo Wii & delivers one of the finest Japanese RPG experiences of the generation.

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Two_Sheds_Jackson2379d ago

I have to correct some things.

"There was once a time when the Japanese RPG was a major & key genre to the video game industry."

Now more than ever.........

" A title like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy would give a home console an advantage as the franchise would draw fans & help push hardware sales."

Square enix is not the only company for japanese rpgs, unlike western rpgs were you can count the devs on 1 hand..........there's over 20 devs who make japanese rpgs........, and now with portables being more popular than consoles ever where this gen square enix has put out more japanese rpgs THAN EVER this gen..........way more than they ever did, they spread the wealth now.

" However, over the years, the Japanese RPG has begun to fall out of favor in the western market as Western RPGs begin to dominate with franchises like Elder Scrolls taking helm as the dominate RPG series."

Not even remotely true......lets put this in perspective...........ff 13 outsold mass effect 1 and 2 combined.......mass effect 3 hasn't even sold more 13-2 so do you really want to go there? Pokemon black white worldwide has CRUSHED, worldwide elder scrolls sales, most particularly in the US...........

"Though Final Fantasy still retains relevance in today’s market, other Japanese RPGs have not fared as well. New titles like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, or White Knight Chronicles have failed to achieve high acclaim amongst gamers for varying reasons."

Actually all 3 have.........

blue dragon was so popular it got 3 sequels, same with white knight chronicles.......lost oddessy continues to be a cult classic.