EA is not the worst company in America

Electronic Arts might suck, but are they the worst company in America?

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pangitkqb2380d ago

"What we are really seeing in EA’s worst company ‘award’ is the internet savvy of gamers. In other words, there is no group of consumers more ready and able to hop online and create a shit storm than those who game. With a hobby based on electronic gadgets and technical know-how, all hooked up to the internet, no other industry has such an online presence.  When was the last time a disappointing car design inspired millions of angry comments across thousands of websites, online petitions, and boycotts?"

Nailed it.

AIndoria2379d ago

Indeed. People making fuss of everything is primarily the only reason why there exist such awards at all. My question is, what' the point?

Tzuno2379d ago

America is the worst company in EA. :)

LightofDarkness2379d ago

Well this is about 2 weeks late. This has been covered to death already. I don't suppose you'd like to do a 3 page essay about Mass Effect 3's ending and how gamers are so entitled these days, would you?

LightofDarkness2379d ago

8 days late, then. Does that really make it much better? It also doesn't change the fact that this has been discussed to death, and nothing new was added here. Just retreaded opinions. And it's quite clear you work for these guys, judging by your submissions history.

jimineyscrickets2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

@ LightofDarkness

Really? You're just another troll letting the world know what they should be doing. It's like they say, "Nobody knows your business like everybody else," right? Good thing your their to enlighten everyone and tell them what to put on their site! LEAD US, OR GREAT ONE! SHOW US THE WAY!

It's really rather simple. They can write what they want. You can choose to read or not. Hell, you can even choose to pointlessly troll the article! (which you did! Way to go!)

And thanks for being so original! Nobody on N4G ever says "this has been covered already," right? Good job! Glad you really got that orignal message out!

SHOW US THE WAY, TEACH US, OH GREAT ONE! Help us reach your clearly incredible standards of originality, as proved by your first comment.

LightofDarkness2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Oh hey, look everyone, it's the comment thread's token hypocrite. But hey, at least you know the REAL score, right?

But seriously, MAD MUCH? Pointing out the unoriginality of my comment does... what exactly? The point still stands. The front page has been clogged with dumb, hit-whoring articles like these for the past month. EA this, EA that, whiny gamers this...

But hey, you keep doing what's obviously the most important part of all: pointing out unoriginal comments with grade-school sarcasm! That's what really counts, right? And who knows, maybe when you find your missing chromosomes, you can figure out what hypocrisy really means and then we'll have a conundrum on our hands! FUN FUN!

EDIT @ below: funny definition of irony you've got there. Can't say I'm familiar with it. I'm sorry if my comment wasn't vacuous and silly enough for you. Maybe next time I can include an animated gif of Spongebob or a dancing cat just for you.

xhedleyx2379d ago


GameJudgment is an opinions focused website. We often comment on occurrences in the industry a little bit after they happen.

I get that news moves fast, but bigger site's are still writing about this as well. The fact that a game publisher was named the worst company in America is a pretty big deal.

And obviously he works for the site. Patrick O'Rourke is listed as the site as its editor-in-chief right on the front page

gameplayingfool2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

You know what's been done to death? Whining about things already being covered on N4G. Saying it's been done to death, which in itself is done to death, is irony at its core.


HAHAH! A little overboard, bro, but totally funny. These high and mighty commenters really are so funny. It's incredible how seriously they take themselves and their comments.

gameplayingfool2379d ago

You are right about one thing. To use your quote, "The point still stands" that you are trolling.

I hope you got everything out you wanted to say! Enjoy the three bubbles ;)

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Good work, Captain Obvious.

Also, what's the point of writing an article that's just three other articles without adding anything of your own?

pat_11_52379d ago

They added their opinions? GameJudgment is an opinions focused website.

What did you expect? Investigative journalism?


No, but I expected at least a sentence from the guy who the article is "by" unless you're counting copy/pasting something about tweeting the article as adding something.

xhedleyx2379d ago

It's how Wordpress works. Certain authors have different permission levels so it's difficult to collaborate on one piece. If you looked at the site's masthead, Patrick O'Rourke is the Editor-In-Chief.

He obviously set up the article and posted the other authors content on their behalf, hence the by lines in front of each article in the story...

It's pretty obvious really and a very strange thing to complain about.

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