EA Uses Anti-Gay Campaign As PR Damage Control?

Gaming Blend "Well, conveniently, just as the heat around EA's "Worst in America" was picking up things quickly diverted to another case involving EA and it had to deal with a supposed protest involving anti-gay communities, and another protest against the first one. In the meantime, a lot of people are under the impression it was all orchestrated by EA."

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hiredhelp2384d ago

LOL love it gota admire there attempt's

AtomicGerbil2384d ago

Well I won't be taking this as gospel, but it's certainly food for thought.

Saryk2384d ago

Bad publicity is better than very good publicity. If you guys remember the Lana Del Rey and Saturday Night live fiasco where Lana Del Rey was supposed to be the worst performer ever. I had no clue who the hell Lana Del Rey was or what she sung. Went to Spotify, pulled her music up, loved it, bought the CD from Amazon and put it on my flashplayer for my car.

Anyway, my point is that controversy like this can promote.

Darkspade2384d ago

So there can't be a Girl Storm Trooper??? Thats Sexism... LOL

kma2k2384d ago

When IGN posted this i said those exact words in a comment & people were saying i was paranoid & had no idea what i was talking about!lol

vortis2383d ago

after the EA viral marketing thing went public I don't really see how this could be considered "paranoid"...I mean they literally did this before and the timing of it is all too convenient for the purpose of derailing conflict.

If this was any other publisher I would say the conspiracy theories aren't true, but for EA it seems somewhat likely.

TekoIie2378d ago

Are you on a Anti-EA Campaign???

vortis2378d ago


yeah and an anti-Capcom campaign. They're messing up my hobby!

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