Nine-Year-Old Boy Builds Arcade Out Of Cardboard

New Rising Media writes "Caine Monroy is a nine-year-old boy who spent his summer building an arcade in his Dad's used auto parts store. The meticulous attention to detail, the elaborate nature of the system, the complexities of the games, all of it is nothing short of amazing."

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MissAubrey2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Somebody has to bring back the arcades!!! it aint much but its a start. he needs lucky hit. that way he could ask me if I want to try a game of lucky hit.

anyways thats pretty cool right there folks, congrats Caine!

gameplayingfool2565d ago

What a clever little dude. Good for him.

Smashbro292565d ago

I seriously wanna see arcades again.