Seven things you need to know about Dragon's Dogma -

M2G: "With the game due at the end of May and a demo confirmed for a few weeks prior, we went on a quest around the darkest corners of the internet to bring you the seven things you really need to know about Capcom’s upcoming monster slayer…"

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Drazz2383d ago

Getting this day 1! Sounds way to hardcore to sell more than 2 mill though.. Definitely my type of game, hope it does well.

Captain Qwark 92383d ago

i agree it wont likely sell that well in the states but hey, at least they sold 2 copies to you and me ;)

game looks like an even deeper dark souls to me, sold....

Baka-akaB2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

I think it will do just fine . The exposure it has been getting the past few months have been convinced many of the fence or unaware of the title .

And the title's hybrid nature have been garnering interest from both action games and rpg games fans

At last the re6 demo will make it an easy sell for some other people .

I just wish that right now , Capcom would be clear on the collector edition shown for japan , making it in the US or not .

Or at the very least a nice info like the japanese game featuring english subs ( then collector import time !)