IGN Reviews StarTropics

L. Thomas wrties:

"There's a reason why I chose StarTropics to be the topic of my first ever IGN article a year and a half ago, and a reason why I'm excited that it's now arrived on the Virtual Console – and that's because it's just a great, fun, unique Nintendo game. First-party games developed by Nintendo's own creative teams aren't often overlooked, but StarTropics was. For whatever reason, this title that takes inspiration from the classic original Legend of Zelda design and evolves it into something new and compelling was never noticed by fans as much as it deserved to be. But for just five bucks, you can't make the mistake of passing it by now. Trust me that it's worth your 500 Wii Points and give it a download – because if you play it and enjoy it, your purchase will help motivate the Big N to make StarTropics' lone sequel, Zoda's Revenge, also available in the Wii Shop someday soon. (Not to mention other long-lost cult classics from Nintendo's own first-party catalog, like EarthBound.)

Oh, and as a final note, Nintendo seems to have found a creative solution to the "physical letter problem" brought up in that Retro Remix feature from 18 months ago – the letter has been recreated inside the game's Virtual Console Operations Guide. You can even "dunk" it in water by clicking on a graphic at the bottom of the page with the Wii Remote. Nice touch, Big N."


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PS360WII3939d ago

I'll usually downplay a story but this one is crazy. You're a world class pitcher who is given a yo-yo as a weapon cuz of your strong arm and must save your Uncle who was abducted by aliens. Oh yea that's a doozy right there.

Cat3939d ago

yeah, really challenges your suspension of disbelief, lol.