Disembodied Voices Episode 36: Asura's Favorite Episode writes:

"Jerk levels soar to new heights in this insulting edition of Disembodied Voices. Stephen rudely lectures Cameron on his lowbrow opinion of Dragon Age: Origins, Cameron dances between vitriolic and patronizing as he and Zachary quibble, Zachary screams at Stephen for giving imaginary credit to a game he’s never played, and Bryan sits around remarking that everyone is being contentious. But wait, don’t run away! There are silver linings in the form of Xenoblade Chronicles (including a live call to GameStop), Dwarf Fortress, and Minecraft. Of course, by the time the rotating segment was ready to go, everybody hated each other too much to continue, so the podcast stopped. All the same, you really should listen to Disembodied Voices Episode 36 because– SHH! Do you hear that? I think it’s your computer/audio-playing device.

'Do me a favor,' it whispers, 'plug me into Disembodied Voices.'"

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