Metal Gear Solid Vita Dumps Peace Walker

Say goodbye to the multiplayer but hello to touchscreen controls.

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Akuma-2563d ago

How could peace walker be dumped when the vita version was announced to have mgs 2 and mgs 3? All three versions wouldn't be able to fit either.

MaxXAttaxX2563d ago


And you can get Peace Walker from the PS Store already.

xAlmostPro2563d ago

But that's additional cost, why don't they just add a redeemable code for peacewalker if it can't fit.

Or actually make it a full collection with two cards in the case mgs 1/2/3/peacewalker ?

MaxXAttaxX2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Redeemable code? What makes you think you're entitled to a free game?
Peace Walker was never announced as part of the Vita collection.

At least it's not just one game and in 240p.

CandyCaptain2562d ago

I don't think he meant for his comment to be looked at that way. With the vita version even though you'll probably pay the same price, you are getting less games for your buck. I didn't know the fact you'd have to download it makes it anymore "free" then when it's included on disk. It's just a different delivery method. Honestly though, why does everyone think "entitlement" now as a way to attack someone? Is it really that "entitled" to think as a paying customer to expect the same product as another person got on a different system? How would 360 players feel it all they got in the HD collection was MGS2 and were still expected to pay as much as ps3 owners who got all 3? Seeing as how none of the other games ever came to a Microsoft system. I'd say they'd feel pretty ripped off, and probably feel "entitled" to the other games.

Knushwood Butt2562d ago

In Japan Peace Walker HD for PS3 was a stand alone game and when you buy that you also got a download code for the PSP version (which as you know can be played on the Vita).

MGS2 and 3 HD were a bundle sold separately.

Just FYI.

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Batzi2563d ago

Well there is a good reason behind that. If Vita version of Peace Walker comes out, it will kill the PSP version. The reason that Peace Walker HD on PS3 didn't affect it was because Peace Walker was mainly developed for a portable device and it suits a portable device more because of the game mechanics introduced in that game. Managing the Mother Base and hiring/training people is way more fun and practical on the PSP than doing so on the PS3. PS Vita is portable and would put an end to the PSP version meaning they would be losing money.

360GamerFG2563d ago

Doubtful, VITA hardly sells enough software to cannibalize PSP sales. PSP has nothing to worry about from VITA just yet, VITA has way too few a fanbase to be any sort of threat.

Hicken2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Except for the part where, you know, people might have BOUGHT a Vita for the Metal Gear Collection with Peace Walker in it? There are tons of people out there waiting for just one more game, and Peace Walker could be it. Some folks are waiting for Gravity Rush. Others for Assassin's Creed, or COD.

But then, I don't expect you to think about that.

Edit: So nobody bought a 360 for the next Halo? Or a PS3 for the next Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, or Gran Turismo? Years before the games were officially announced, people bought them. People bought the 3DS for the next Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon, long before they were announced.

It's not like I named games that aren't confirmed for the system. We know they're all coming... don't we?

MaxXAttaxX2562d ago

Why would people buy something for a game not announced for it?

They can still get Peace Walker on their Vitas through the PS Store.

catfrog2563d ago

have they said anything about a package where you get the ps3/vita version together?

cmpunk532563d ago

3 huge games won't fit a 4gb NVG card period! 4gb is the largest size for an NVG card right now and I'm surprised that 2 PS2 DVD Games (google the size of both MGS2 and #) but I think I'll pass if the price is the same as the console version since I think it's unfair and I already bought MGS3D. I'm a huge MGS fan! :D

Since there is a way to get Peace Walker to play on Vita, Peace Walker is the necessary sacrifice.