Dragon’s Dogma Screen Shots and Game Play

T-Hill writes: Swords, sorcery and beasts are the name of the game when it comes to Dragon’s Dogma. Since the official unveiling we have been treated so pretty epic moments like scaling a Griffon as it takes to the air or clinging to a hydra as you lop off heads.

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TheSuperior 2474d ago

Anyone else as excited for this as i am? Got to play it back at wondercon and thought it seemed a bit like skyrim :)

camel_toad2474d ago

Yeh I definitely have high hopes for this one.

Dlacy13g2474d ago

This game has quickly jumped on my radar.

rezzah2473d ago

Been on mine since first appearance.

This is the closest thing to MH a fan has gotten since 2004.

console, not handheld.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2474d ago

This game looks promising, I do really hope it turns out to be a great game. I like every aspect shown so far ...

But I don' t trust Capcom anymore ... I don' t know.

I can' t wait to see some serious review.

kevnb2474d ago

reviews are worthless, Ill wait for some friends to try it or even just read forums.

rezzah2473d ago

Some games are so great that they are fulfilling.

In other words, DLC, as long as it is decent (unlike SFXT), will be only seen as a means to further your enjoyment.

The only DLC mentioned for this game so far is 100 extra missions that allow new weapons and items to be discovered for $7. Personally I find this to be a good deal, but of course I do not speak for any other including yourself.

kevnb2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

ive been wrong before, but the game looks really easy to offset completely broken but cool looking combat. Just like fable games. This is what separates games like dark souls from button mashing crap, the gameplay is well thought out and fun... not just cool and "cinematic".

Mind you some games have such good exploration and immersion they can make up for a lack of gameplay depth, I dont think this game has either. Just big flashy things.

rezzah2473d ago

I personally find the gameplay is a quicker version of a Monster Hunter game. And being similar to Monster Hunter alone is a worthy notice of how uneasy the gameplay is likely to be.

There are all types of enemies, your weapon will have its weaknesses and strengths against those individual monsters.

This is possibly why you have the aid of 3 AI. This game is not co-op, which is a fail. Could of been so much more than it is already.

Btw this game is similar to a mash up of Monster Hunter, Shadow of the Colossus, and Demon/Dark Souls.

zaz122474d ago

After the success of Demon's souls, everyone wants a piece of that cake.

How about taking risks and making a new Onimusha like game?

Kyosuke_Sanada2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

We are about to head in a set of new systems and it's a damn shame that there isn't an Onimusha game to call our own for this current generation....

camel_toad2474d ago

Yep I really miss that series. Its like the samurai version of Resident Evil.

zaz122474d ago

This is the type of games that capcom should do. Unfortunately, they are doing this game because of the success of Souls games not because they are going back to their roots

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