Hopefully Epic Wants More Than Visuals Next Generation

PushStartSelect: "I will admit it, I decided to grab Unreal Tournament 3 off my shelf and play it for a bit. For some reason I didn’t go back and get all the trophies, and thankfully I didn’t since I’m enjoying the heck out of earning them now. Which got me to thinking….who here misses Unreal Tournament? Well Epic announced that they are working on a game that is currently exclusive to the PC. While this is awesome news it’s easy to speculate that this will be Unreal Tournament 4, and I have reason to hope that it only stays exclusive till next generation consoles release."

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Akuma-2408d ago

They should have more than visuals since they were never able to produce anything of beauty

h311rais3r2407d ago so wrong

Lucretia2407d ago

not sure if he is completely wrong. He said beauty, he didnt say it wasnt detailed. nothing in gears or unreal was ever beauty (obviously with an apocyliptic setting lol.

all characters are hideous yet full of detail, enviorments are dull and grey yet artisticlly crafted, its violent and brutal without ever showing any grace.

so technically he is right, its not beautiful

Dusdg2407d ago

I would not call gears 3 dull and grey. Gears 1 yup it was pretty brown/grey though.

360GamerFG2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Sad attempt. You're not going to get me to even reply to this
Edit: ah darn it, you got me again. Good show.

Zha1tan2407d ago

Guess youve never seen the samaritan demo then brah?

VanillaBear2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I'm kind of hoping next gen will bring better AI and maybe if they can push next gens consoles enough...destructible environments. Especialy for online games...imagine an online game like Uncharted where if grenades are being thrown in a building with wooden support beams the building would collapse, if the right side beams are still up and the left ones are destroyed then it would fall to the left and vice versa. The more buildings/objects destroyed the more the map changes......maybe even when grenades/explosions happen they would leave small holes in the can dream

Kahvipannu2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

They can do it current gen too, BF games, RF games for example, tought compromisses are needed ofcourse to make that happen..

Usually the problem with destructibility don't come from technical point, physics are physics, but game balance side, for example that is the reason in BF3 not everything can be levelled down..

Hassassin2406d ago

Let Epic make on of the best looking engines (and easier to use) so that other developers who buy it can worry about the gameplay, story, AI, etc.
(They did this successfully with UE3)