Max Payne 3 - Meet The Bad Guys

Rockstar Games releases new info on Commando Sombra, the bad guys in the upcoming Max Payne 3

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hiredhelp2565d ago

I just paid £29.99 on steam for my pre-order i was gonna buy shopto but nobody else did steams deal.
That is of course the useral DLC but the real kicker was max payne game 1,2. Well i was sold was kinda pleasing going back to a game i once played what seems to be very long time ago.
Anyways offers on steam great deal.

StayStatic2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

So tempted to pre-order it even though i already own the first 2 Max Payne's.

The fact of the matter is that I much prefed the first Max Payne on PC but when I played Max Payne 2 as a kid on the PS2 , i did not enjoy it as much with the controller.

Guess that comes from Max Payne's style of maintaining the precision of an FPS while being a TPS and the precision aiming of a mouse combined that makes you feel like a bad ass.

hiredhelp2565d ago

Yes nice having fluid aim while in mid air turn 360degrees but controller works well too, just not as quick.