PlayStation Home - Suddenly Interesting

When PlayStation Home launched in 2008, one could be forgiven for passing it over. What was advertised as a Second Life-esque virtual world was in fact a technical mess of a ghost town. Sony attempted to mix it up by adding an ARG here or a new mini-game there, but the gaming community had spoken, it wasn't impressed. Fast forward three years and Home has become a vast, multifaceted, world brimming with activity. It begs the question, when did this get interesting?

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Emilio_Estevez4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

Love home, it's fun going out to find all the free stuff. Always cheat and use the internets to find them.

http://alphazone4.com/ - Every item evar!

GribbleGrunger4443d ago

there's just one thing Sony need to add to HOME that would make it complete: Trophies. if they did that then even those that wouldn't spend a great deal of time there would perhaps visit every week

Gaming1014443d ago

It got interesting when your actual day to day life became increasingly boring and dull to the point where a pixelated pile of nothing had more going on in it lol

insomnium24442d ago

I think Sony should make some important things as timed exclusives in home. Same way it was with Journey where you could only buy it if you were a + member at first.

Sony should make people interested in Home. I haven't been to Home in years. Last time I was there the RE5 space was a new thing....O_O

I really haven't had a single reason to go through the trouble of getting Home updated and such in years. It might be actually worth it and I just don't know about it.

Sony make some highly anticipated game's trailer exclusive to home for one week or so. The last of us should be getting a new trailer or something in the near future so how about putting it up inside Home for the first week exclusively huh? I would love to have a reason to go to Home.

Soldierone4442d ago

Sony might anger a few people if they do that unless they charge for Home or force you to spend a few bucks before earning the trophies.

It's Sony's policy that free PSN games can't have trophies. The team behind SOE stated it too since they wanted to have trophies for the free DC Universe, but couldn't because of the policy.

Home needs attention and all, but I don't think it would be right if they go and throw an exception in for themselves.

himdeel4443d ago

I wonder why home isn't on the Vita

GribbleGrunger4443d ago

would it be possible to run HOME on the Vita? i'm not sure. i'd prefer HOME on the Vita to be set in the LBP universe if it IS possible

sinncross4443d ago

Home was originally conceived to be used on cellphones (before the massive rise of smartphones).

Sony should really get it onto PSV and use PS Suite to get it onto Android phones. More access to it ,the better for the service.

i also agree with trophy support and I would even say Move support. It is the one thing I do not get about the Move... SOny should have made it accessible in everything that is free once you get a PS3... so its in the OS, good, but every app you can use should use Move outside of buying games.

Soldierone4442d ago

Even if it can't run Home itself, why not put it there in some regards at all? Allow to update the avatar and what not, make it more basic.

I kinda hate the fact Vita isn't fully networked with the PS3 right now.

Bagogames4442d ago

They were considering 'ROOM' which would have been a small, compact, adaptation of HOME for the Vita. There was a beta, exclusively in Japan of course, but it eventually came to nothing.

Damn it.

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zeeshan4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

I tried to like home. I REALLLYYY did but to be honest, it never sparked any interest. I'll visit it again but the fact that it loads slooowww and the avatar runs even slower, it just feels like a slow-fest. The mini games aren't that interesting either. The only ones that I liked were the bowling game and the pool game which is usually filled with people and I hardly get a chance to play it.

I think LBP is what HOME should have been.

RedDead4443d ago

It's shi* to be honest

MEsoJD4443d ago

I like the dolphin races and love playing poker in home. God I always have so much fun with poker. The avatars on the tables are normally really diverse and conversations are usually interesting and funny.

I think home will probably be have more integration with PS4 OS.

sikbeta4443d ago

May check it out, last time I did was last year and didn't find it interesting, it probably changed alot after 1 year :D

Knushwood Butt4442d ago

My Japanese PSP Go shipped with the Room demo.

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slazer1014445d ago

The other day I was bored so I went to check out "Home". Had not been on for so long I forgot I deleted it. So I downloaded it again. Man has it come long way. Ended up spending over an hour checking things out. They have done a pretty good job fixing things up. Its nowhere near what it used to be.

Emilio_Estevez4444d ago (Edited 4444d ago )

I don't think people realize, but they add new stuff every Thursday. You could literally play around for days and still not see it all. There is an unbelievable amount of places, games and items. Like if I had an actual number for those thing, people probably wouldn't believe it.

ian724443d ago

Went on HOME for first time in over a year the other day, just to see how it is now. I was amazed at the mini games and different spaces to visit. I enjoyed the new wipeout style game, remote control car racing one and loved that spaceship one.
Its suprising how much there is to do and see now, its turned out quite good, and for free I can't really complain.

morganfell4443d ago

I visit Home 2-3 times a week. It was okay for a while, but once Sodium came online it really became a blast.

AtomicGerbil4443d ago

While I haven't spent a great deal of time in Home, I will however disagree that it's ever been a ghost town.

rezzah4443d ago

I don't see how one can agree to it being a ghost town. ever since the release it has been crowded with people.

Sometimes there are people who fail to see the reality of things in a means to hold on to their own personal beliefs.

MysticStrummer4443d ago

Yeah I've been a fairly frequent Home user since shortly before the beta opened to the public, and one thing it's never been is a ghost town. Sony made their Home development costs back about a month after the beta opened, which couldn't have happened if it was a ghost town back then or if people didn't like it enough to spend money on it.

Jim Hawking4442d ago

It's a metaphor. I didn't have a lot of content.

MrDead4443d ago

One of the best places on home is the LBP sticker wall, the sick and twisted things that some of us create crack me up.

Redempteur4443d ago

it's something i've said since ages ..content started flooding in home and obviously after years and lot of feedbakc , HOME is good