ASUS on success: "You'd think it'd be harder."

Gamers Nexus: "ASUS’ booth gave the impression that they want to grab at more than increased visibility – they want an active community to support them (and that they can support) in the ROG line. It makes sense, of course: Active community members contribute to the discussion and act as free inter-consumer support."

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NYC_Gamer2408d ago

My favorite motherboard brand :)

Lelldorianx2408d ago

Solid, as their slogan says.

Septic2407d ago

Silly question but in one of the pictures in the article, a chap is pouring something into something.

What exactly is going on in that picture? Pardon my ignorance. :(

Information Minister2407d ago

He's pouring liquid nitrogen into a CPU or GPU cooling unit. It's frequently used in overclocking competitions to allow clock speeds in excess of 8 Ghz.

hiredhelp2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Asus is the no1 leading motherboards, mainly due to the wide range catering to differnt style users
Casual,buisness,gamers. But asus also makes quality and tends to be first to achieve something new.
Theyve come along way with many other brands out there some even i beleave taken ideas that asus has been known for, like 16phase EPU.
ROGE gave us first ever onboard turbo clock boost feature still to this day uses it as a must have as its simple to there name.
Obviously they did xfi sound chips creative, again showing high quality parts, however for the rogs even thoe aimed at the gamers you did have to pay the premium price.
Myself have been long term fan of asus beleave me when i say ive had all types mobo's in time many of witch didnt last in the market.
After many years i have found myself using 2 brands ASUS,ASROCK both of witch made in same warehouse or soo the story goes, but wont lie i have used more asus than any others.
To name a few p5k, p5q3 delux,p5q-e I started using the asus sabertooth on 1366 then sold got 1155 sandy asrock fatal1ty.
Now im after the Z77 mainly cos its pci 3.0 to better my amd 7970 in near furture and also can use my i7 sandybridge 1155 in it save up for ivy bridge at much later date.
Soo thats my story of asus quality,style,inovation.
Oh the Q connectors nice touch

Xristo2407d ago

Not only do they make some of the best motherboards, in my opinion, they also produce the best tablet on the market. The Asus Transformer Prime is a beast!