Why Didn’t We Buy Earthbound?

Justin Lacey is as guilty as the rest of the gamers who profess their love today for Earthbound but failed when it came to helping make the game a success when it was originally released.

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Emilio_Estevez2384d ago

I bought it, it was awesome, wish I kept it really.

Abash2384d ago

I was 4 years old, too busy playing Sonic on my Genesis

Moncole2384d ago

It was expensive because it came with a lot of stuff

kevnb2384d ago

It was a Japanese made RPG... Not many of those ever sold well outside final fantasy. That's why most of them don't even get translated.

kma2k2384d ago

I have played earthbound so many time its actually quite embarising, i even have the rom on my pc here at work for lunch time sometimes. I sold my copy not to long ago on ebay & got $90 thats more than i payed for it new. Earthbound 2 a true earthbound 2 i would actually consider buying a freakin wii u for. I have played a ported version of the gameboy earthbound & didnt like it as much, but the original is one of my all time favorites!!!!

CanadianTurtle2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

The game has a very acquired taste

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