Jessica Nigri Prepares Zombie Massacre at PAX East (Interview)

"Jessica Nigri has established her name more than ever before since she first became involved with The Gamer Access last year with their illustrious PS3 vs. 360 debate and E3 2011 coverage. Recently Jessica was pronounced the official Juliet Starling for the upcoming video game release, Lollipop Chainsaw and has been traveling the country promoting the upcoming action game."

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thegamefanatics2406d ago

Nice! Lollipop Chainsaw looks good.

LOL_WUT2406d ago

I agree, but also Jessica Nigri is looking good!

-Mika-2406d ago Show
Dante1122406d ago

Good for her (getting to travel around the world and such). I hope Jessica Nigri books something at E3 (booth babe spot).

SuperStrokey11232406d ago

Does she actually play games or is she just more of a booth babe type girl? Not that it really matters.

Waddy1012406d ago

Go read some of her articles, she knows what she's talking about.

She's also a big Gears of War fan

killajd2397d ago

Love them gamer girls that like to dress up