Stop Making Boring Limited Editions

DLC should not be considered a limited edition bonus. It's just cheaper and lazier than putting something tangible in there.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2566d ago

So true, most limited editions are total shit. The stuff included should be tangible only.

This is why I loved Skyrims limited edition, the dragon statue, artbook and making of blu-ray was an awesome inclusion.

VanillaBear2565d ago

The thing what bugged me about Skyrims CE was with how pricey it was I would of enjoyed a good packaging for it instead of a making off DVD....I mean come on you can watch that crap on Youtube in a week free of charge, hell studios should put the making of stuff on the disc like NaughtyDog does to Uncharted.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2565d ago

That's without a doubt true. But I like the tangibility of having the disc itself. LOL that's just my collector's instinct though.

As for the price, yeah it was pretty damn pricey, but the pvc dragon was much higher quality and detailed than I imagined it would be. It's freakin' huge too so the price feels somewhat justified. At least to me. Not to mention the artbook, the cover is made of leather, and the paper used was top notch quality.

acemonkey2566d ago

art book and making of the game isnt worth it....but if the guns was Replicas i would have picked this up...i got hyped when i saw the collectors of this game and then i looked into and found out it was DLC

but i love buying collectors ED of the games....Batman AC and AA was the best.....then maybe the Kollectors of MK was nice too

StayStatic2565d ago

I would like a normal edition without feeling ripped off : /

R1CAN6172565d ago

Art books need to be taken out all together!

AusRogo2565d ago

Driver San Francisco's collectors edition was pretty cool.

dumahim2565d ago

Too bad US didn't get it.

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