The End of Used Games? Ha! You Wouldn't Dare...

A brief exploration of why Microsoft and Sony's claims to end the world of used games are basically nonsensical, and most likely just a manipulative tactic to get people worried/thinking about their newest consoles.

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badjournalism2385d ago

Neither MS nor Sony have made this claim. These are all rumors started by Kotaku. Get off it already, morons.

Hicken2384d ago

Pretty much what you said. Your name seems to sum up what gaming journalism amounts to these days. Granted, this is an opinion piece, but your opinion is invalid if you're commenting on falsehoods.

LindsayBelleChambers2384d ago

I'm glad you agree it's a horrible rumor that won't happen- which is a lot of what my point is about-
the very idea that Sony or Microsoft would do this is ridiculous, however there have been dozens of unnamed "sources" from inside these two corporations saying this is a possibility and the fact that neither company have come out deliberately and denied it (despite this bring printed on every major news source) really lends to the idea that they want these rumors perpetuated to get us all talking.
If you look it up similar sources came out with this same information in 2005, claiming Sony was considering blocking used games for the PS3, but that time Sony almost immediately discredited these claims.