Games are so gay (and that's a good thing)

Conservative groups? Gay agenda? Forget 'em. Gender bending and sexual experimentation is intrinsic to video games...and has been for decades.

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arbitor3652384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

we need more gay/bi romances in video games. it is so much more interesting and ambiguous than straight ones.

THR1LLHOUSE2384d ago

But...if we don't put a stop to this now, what happens in Mass Effect 4? An Elcor romance option?

"Seductively. You look nice tonight."

SybaRat2384d ago

You'd do an Elocor. Admit it.

SybaRat2384d ago

Yeah, I really like how these conservative jerks suddenly seem pretty okay with all the hetro sex, because at least those people aren't going to hell. Judgmental d**ks.

Septic2378d ago

Wtf? To be honest, homosexual stuff in games puts me off personally but I'm not going around insulting those who enjoy it. You're the one sounding like the judgemental one.

Hayakuzima2383d ago

Steve in Mass Effect 3 was the cutest thing.
I wish I could have seen him with his man :)
My FemShep ended up in the shower (accidentally) with Traynor
I love it, there should be more games like this, it might make people more open, you never know ;)