Short cut-scenes in video games break flow and immersion

Developers need to stop snatching control from players with short cut-scenes. Instead, start trusting them to figure things out on their own.

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crazytown992408d ago

I'd take the 5-20 seconds of explanation we get from Journey over Metal Gear's 45 minutes any day.

GraySnake2408d ago

ill take both depending on the game.

THR1LLHOUSE2408d ago

Same here. Metal Gear cutscenes are *generally* not just video of Snake doing cool stuff you wish you could do in the game. Most of the time it's the elaborate exposition you can't really do with gameplay.

MysticStrummer2407d ago

Short cutscenes, long cutscenes, scripted events, finding audio logs... all of them can fit perfectly into an experience or break immersion depending on both their quality and the skill of the devs in implementing them.