Gamestop USA Pre-Order Bonuses For 25 Upcoming Games In 2012

With the amount of great games coming out this year, many people are going to be pre-ordering like crazy and Gamestop USA has a whole bunch of pre-order bonuses for some of this year’s biggest games.

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BringingTheThunder2379d ago

kill hitler level in spec ops? really?

suicidalblues2379d ago

I read kill Hitler in sniper elite 2. Maybe it was edited.

TrendyGamers2379d ago

That Game of Thrones art book looks like it could be good.

GamePodunk2379d ago

That's the one I was eyeing as well. I know people who are pre-ordering just for the art book and don't really care how the game turns out; definitely a smart move on Atlus's part.