Review: Sine Mora (darkzero)

"Even though I’m not the greatest at playing shoot-em-ups, I find the genre's gameplay thoroughly stimulating. I love the challenge they bring to me as a gamer, testing my skill to the limits of what my eyes and fingers can keep up with. Beyond a few massive titles, the genre never really sold when put in stores as a disc product. Yet with gamers having easy access to PSN and Xbox Live Arcade, the genre has found a place to sell itself. A wave of solid titles hit over the years, including the likes of Radiant Silvergun (which costs a ton to buy on the Sega Saturn on eBay, woo for cheap Xbox Live Arcade prices), Ikaruga, Soldner-X, Super Stardust HD and plenty more. When I heard Grasshopper Manufacture had teamed up with Digital Reality to create a new shooter, I was straight on board. Grasshopper has created some of the more interesting games over the years, and, as a fan of the studio, I was excited to see what their unique blend could bring to the genre."

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