The Origins of Republique: When Metal Gear Solid Meets Demon's Souls

Gamasutra: Republique is a new video game IP from a new studio with some familiar faces. Leading the project is Ryan Payton, most recently a creative director at 343 Industries, working on Halo 4. Before that, he was a producer on Metal Gear Solid 4.

Now, with his new company Camoflaj, he wants to create a triple-A iOS experience - one which may also come to PC and Mac in a different form. Republique is a game about privacy, voyeurism, and information, and Payton aims to say some things with the project that he wasn't able to in larger companies. For the development of Republique Camoflaj has partnered with Logan, primarily an advertisement agency.

To help fund the project, like many other games recently, Camoflaj and Logan have turned to Kickstarter. We spoke with Payton and Camoflaj cohort Ezra Hanson-White (formerly a designer at Monolith and Gearbox) about the game's production, the trouble with app stores, the possibility of a PC version, and the game's diverse influences...

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