170° - Eizo to Showcase 4,096 x 2,160 LCD Monitor

Eizo said that it will be showcasing a 4K desktop display at NAB 2012.

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NYC_Gamer2474d ago

Too bad i can't afford it :(

turokgames2474d ago

Go big or go home apparently.

ATi_Elite2473d ago

I'm more interested in a manufacturer making some Affordable Ultra Thin or No bezel monitors so I can get rid of the black lines on my Eyefinity set-up!!

The technology is there and gamers want the advantage of Peripheral View instead of a big jumbo monitor!

Lots of money to be made in Ultra thin or no bezel monitors!

steve30x2473d ago

You could buy a good car for that price. I would rather go tripple screen , but the bezel in monitors are too wide.

hano2473d ago

Bah, who needs cars. I have a so so car but my PC is more important.

steve30x2472d ago

at 35 thousand dollars you would buy a car thats much better than a so so car. No monitor or tv is worth that much.

Elvis2473d ago

I'll wait till it costs less than 1000$ then i'll buy one.

Saryk2473d ago

I wonder how long it will take to get down to 1k?

I would like to get one!

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