7 Generations : The Top 7 Games of All-Time

The timeline of video-game history can broadly be divided in 7 eras or generations. Here we list the very pinnacle of gaming in each of these historical periods...

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LightofDarkness2407d ago

Uh... no?

This is an entirely subjective matter anyway, you can try to be as objective as you want but almost everyone will disagree. I've played all of the games on your list, and would say there are better games in each generation that define them as generations. For instance, SMG is not more definitive of this generation than Call Of Duty, objectively speaking. SMG doesn't even have an online component, and online/social gaming has been the biggest shift during this generation.

It may not be the pinnacle of gaming, but then again neither is SMG.

CarlitoBrigante2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I didnt like SMG, and I think SMG2 is just a cash cow for Nintendo using the same setting and assets of SMG1. Thats why it only took them 2 years to make. What where they thinking?

They should always choose a different setting with each Mario.

edit below: I dont think so, Uncharted 2 single handedly owns all Nintendo games from every generation combined. Not to mention the holy grail of gaming called MGS4.

Two_Sheds_Jackson2407d ago

Nintendo trolls, gotta love em..........

The galaxy games were the absolute pinacle of gaming perfection this gen

BlmThug2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I agree with the top half of your comment but the edited bottom half is just pure trolling at its best, MGS4 is not the holy grail of gaming and Uncharted does not own all Nintendo games, I mean Zelda: Ocarina of time is far greater than Uncharted ever will be but I dont agree with list at all, obviously written by a Nintendo Fan boy, SMG is not the pinnacle game of this generation, whether anyone likes it or not, CoD is

ps360wiihdera2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Considering the fact that Super Mario Galaxy 2 has received worldwide praise, and holds the place of 3rd highest rated game ever on GameRankings...

you have to wonder, this guy may be right. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a modern masterpiece!

-GametimeUK-2407d ago

Only started playing in the Snes days and I disagree with the whole list. These games are not my personal favourites of each generation and I don't think any of them are THE most influential and well built games. However, they are all fantastic in their own right and have helped shape gaming.

I applaud Mario Galaxy for helping to keep 3D platformers alive.

omi25p2407d ago

XBOX/PS2: Any Rockstar Free Roamer and Halo 1/2
360/PS3: Either Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV, Mass effect 1/2, Bioshock,

schlanz2407d ago

I actually don't hate this list, any of these games stand among the very best of their respective generations. Obviously its subjective, but still solid picks imo.

I'd have to pick SMB 3 over the original (obviously the OG SMB has a more meaningful legacy, but SMB3 is undoubtedly the better game)

Super Metroid is a mighty fine choice, can't argue there, but LttP, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy VI, and Chrono Trigger are all equally as deserving

OoT is for certain the best game of it's gen, I know FFVII is the other favorite but imo OOT completely outclasses it

6th gen is a tough one, GTA San Andreas is definitely in the conversation but Metroid Prime and RE4 were my favorite games of that gen, also Halo 2 deserves a nod.

Finally for this gen (which is still going...) SMG2 is a fine choice, simply because there are so many amazing games this gen that cater only to certain camps, but anyone absolutely anyone should be able to play and love the pure platforming genius in the SMG games. But my personal favorite his gen has been Dark Souls.

Nugan2406d ago

This is basically how I feel.

It's sad that the author doesn't provide any justification for his picks, but I think all of them are defensible.

I also would have gone with SMB3 over the original SMB, because the third game really perfected the elements established by the first. The level design was way better too.

All of these games--except possibly Mario Galaxy--have been hugely influential. It's a little early to know which games from this generation will have a major impact on gaming's future, so, if you're going by quality alone, Mario Galaxy is a respectable choice.

Tzuno2407d ago

We have to agree that Mario is the most iconic video game character of all times. I mean even grandpa knows about Mario. If not well ... it's from the outer space :).

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