Defending the Playstation Vita

Stephen Fontana writes, "As a gamer who adores everything Sony, calling me a fanboy would be putting it mildly. My loyalty to the gaming company began on that fateful day when I first played Tekken on my friend's Sony Playstation way back in 1996. It was love at first sight and that from moment on, I became an early adopter of all of things Sony. My fervent adoration survived last year's headline gobbler, 'PSN-gate' , as well as the infamous 'What the hell are you thinking selling the PS3 for $600!…-gate'. So needless to say, I love Sony – and I love my Playstation Vita. But regardless of the gaming giant developing such an impressive piece of handheld hardware, not many people share the same sentiments."

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Two_Sheds_Jackson2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

So the vita gets a pass and the 3ds never did? This article is a giant load of MANURE

The psp is was and is better than the vita in every way which is why it still sells more worldwide.......

Including software, not even the ps3 could touch the psp..........hell it still cant, the psp launched with an original metal gear, an orinal twisted metal, original ape escape, original dark stalkers, and other third party ORIGINAL CONTENT........the vita launched with no original third party content basically

"When the Playstation Portable launched, I recall shelling out $500 for the new portable and a handful of games. And in all seriousness, I don't remember much after that."


"The system's flawed hardware (which allowed for hackers to wholly take advantage of it)"

DS, 360, ps3, wii are all hacked

"a serious lacking of standout titles"

crisis core, ff type zero, zhp, peace walker, god of war, gta, gungir not good enough for you?

" and the oh-so confusing amount of SKUs spelled a rough start for Sony's new portable."


is confusing? what grade are you in?

" While it was selling somewhat in Japan (courtesy of a certain monster hunting game)"

Ok so 80 million worldwide sales is somewhat selling to you?

"the system left a bad taste in gamers' mouths."


" And overtime, many PSPs became glorified paperweights. "

Its actually a system most used

"With Sony so wounded by the PSP (and later on by the PSPgo), how could the Playstation Vita outrun the shadow cast by its older brother?"

Oh so thats why they say the psp was one of the most successful systems they ever did? because its wounded?


Horny2473d ago

Completely agree, I do love the vita and I play it a lot but it will take at least two years to surpass the PSP or even get close to the PSPs software lineup. I have 8 games for vita right now and while I like them all besides uncharted there is no must have title.

I really wish they would have crisis core, peace walker, grand theft auto, and some more RPGs on the online store. So far the PSP games I downloaded are final fantasy 4 complete, tales in the sky, and megaman x.

Sony needs to get out some more vita exclusives.

supremacy2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Dont mean to argue with you as you have made some valid points.

But, the guy is right on one thing. The vita is and will always be the better platform of the two. Simply put, the vita may not have launched with the amount of original titles the psp did but it is an evolution of it.

2 actual analog sticks, 2 cameras, touchscreen, touchpad, bigger screen, sixaxis, blutooth (wifi&3g also gps included in the 3g models )built in microphone, psn centric, trophies, party, apps and discounted games of the pstore.
25 launch titles and none bigger than uncharted golden abyss, wipeout with cross play. The vita is simply better in every imaginable way, if anything one can get psp games digitally of the ps store for discounted prices.

At this moment all the vita really needs are a few notable things like, a price reduction of some kind, maybe 60dollars off both models, include a memory stick with every box even if its just a 4gb stick, some exclusives which e3 is around the corner for that, and some aggressive marketing.

But other than that, I agreed with you on just about everything else.

sikbeta2473d ago

Vita Tech = Top Notch, that's undeniable, a true generation leap from PSP

Vita Support and Selling Strengths = Not so much, It doesn't have stable known big seller franchises and most of the games that were on the PSP are now on the 3DS, MH, KH and more

There is no new game for the system until June, E3 is crucial, SCE better show big name franchise upcoming asap, or I don't see the handheld selling remotely close to PSP

Wintersun6162473d ago


Vita will be getting Disgaea 3, Mortal Kombat and Resistance: Burning Skies before June. It's not much but it's not nothing either.

THESONYPS32473d ago

No portable comes close to being as good as one on the console and if so the Vita offers the closest experience. Good to see you enjoying out psp product but the Vita is revolutionary better. I dont understand how you said that the psp games were way better then the ps3? The twisted metal on ps3 is better then on psp. Psp didnt have uncharted and the Resistance wasnt up to the standard of the ps3 or psVita. Please dont be ignorant, it just make oyu look like a fool.

Hicken2473d ago

You make a few points. Actually, you make a lot of points. Almost ALL of them are good.

Except for the part where you say the PSP is a better system.

The article IS crap, though. That much we agree on.

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JBSleek2473d ago

Loyalty to a single company embraces blind ignorance.

andibandit2473d ago

Whatever this article is about, it's not Sony's fault

Ezetta2473d ago

Why should I buy a Vita, when it's pretty much just a handheld PS3? It needs more unique game experiences. And a price drop.

Waddy1012473d ago

Go play Escape Plan and tell me that's not a Unique experience only available on the PS Vita.

Ezetta2473d ago

I will, if I end up buying one. But one game isn't enough for me to buy it.

SandWitch2473d ago

Because you don't have PS3 maybe?

Mykky2473d ago

I must agree with Ezetta on this one. For the price of Vita you can get a ps3 with a game and Vita still needs a memory card. A PS3 has a lot more games too so if you ask me, buying a Vita because you don't have PS3 seems a bit stupid unless you play everywhere on busses and such.

supremacy2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Thats like saying why should I buy a 3DS when its essentially a gamecube or recently a wiiu.

I mean the wiiu is essentialy a console version of a 3DS (in my opinion). Two screens, one is touch (refferring to the new tab controller)and the other is just a regular lcd screen in the form of your tv, which says to me Nintendo is basically rehashing their succesful strategy with their new console (the wiiu) a wii and a DS gives you a wiiu(see what I did there?) Because both proved successful they figured why not build a DS for the living room with wii compability.

I am saying, Sony isnt any different in this regard and as a result are doing what they feel works for them. In essence the vita may in many aspects be a portable ps3, but is its own platform and it does and doesnt feature things the ps3 does.

The vita is in part, part of an ecosystem, a network, something I hope Nintendo dwelves into in the future. Because right now they are behind the times but managing well with all their properties. A good network is all they would really need to gain an even bigger audience down the line.

But to sit here and say the vita only has ps3 games is to say the DS line was primarly compromised of n64 ports and remakes which in many cases is worst. I am not here to knock on anyones parade or alligence, I am just saying the vita deserves as much appreciation and respect as the next platform does.

Mykky2473d ago

I think it is still too early to criticize the Vita but nothing yet has tempted me to buy one. It seems to me the games coming to Vita is just games on PS3 in a smaller scale. This could of course change as the Vita still is very young.

I agree with you on the 3DS having a lot of remakes and ports like Zelda and Mario Kart, but games like Kid Icarus, Mario 3D is refreshing and new experiences. These did of course come late so it is not fair to compare the Vita yet but 3DS is not a smaller version of any other console. In my eyes Vita is a smaller console of PS3 but as I said that may change if they give out unique experiences that can only be accessed on the Vita.

(Tried Uncharted on my friends Vita but it was nothing like the originals on PS3)

eferreira2473d ago

why buy zelda, mario kart or mario 3d when the wii has the same type of game? I bet you bought your 3ds at 250 and said it was fine. For what the psv offers. 250 is a good price.

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hiredhelp2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

As much as the Vita has to offer its really does need Good Titles It feels like its almost standing still.
Ok so we have killzone comming out we have resistance both with mp.
But for me were the rest call of duty no actual release date, and having gone threw the pre-orders for this year for me only other thing thats good is Metal gear HD.
The handheld is good but with lack of great line ups no helping. At least not for me all im playing uncharted and hustle kings, I want more

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