Reviewer Rodeo: Used Game Lockout

ZTGD crew writes: Welcome to the ZTGD Reviewer Rodeo. Each week, we’ll grab on to the hottest issue, hold on for dear life, and wrassle it to the ground.

So, this week I’d like to bring up the widely talked about topic of used games. Going beyond your personal preference toward (or against) used games, consider the big rumors about the next PlayStation and it’s locking out used games. What are your thoughts on this? What do you think would happen if this really came to pass? Are used games on their way out? What could this do to digital distribution?

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TekoIie2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

If they lock out used games then i honestly wont be able to buy all the games i want day 1. Reasoning for this being i wont be able to sell games i dont play anymore to get these new games and that means i have to wait for price drops.

EA and other publishers which use this online pass crap and who believe that "every used game sale is a brand new retail sale lost" need to pull the stick out their ass and taste it so that they know how we'll feel if locking out used games happens. Ok i went a bit far but im sure it was necessary.

darthv722382d ago

who generally sell off the games they no longer play in order to buy whatever is getting their attention. I myself dont sell off games. I may not play them but to me they are more of a collector thing. Like people who buy lots of records/tapes and cd's. They like the music but to them their purchases are worth more than what a store would offer in trade.

I did sell off some games once. Many years ago I sold off a considerable amount of snes titles to get a PS1 when it came out. I have since gone back and 'almost' got the ones I traded in. There were some that command a higher price now to collectors than they once did.

My thing is there will always be used game market for those who have the right hardware to play them. Meaning that if the new xbox and ps systems lock out used games, it wont mean the lockout applies to older games for nostalgia. I still have every system up to current and i enjoy playing those games now and then and I still hunt down ones that I let slip away when they first came out.

Moving forward, to combat piracy and whatnot, if these new systems look into anti used game technology wont really bother me as much but I can see where it will hurt those who dont have the means to buy new games any other way.

It could be said that you ONLY buy the titles you want therefore eliminating the risk of getting something you dont. Then again that is pretty limiting especially when you never know if you are going to like it in the first place.

Its a catch 22.

TekoIie2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

i dont sell every game i have lol. there are some which are meant to be kept. Hell i still have halo 1 and 2 despite not playing them for almost 3 years because there is most likely no way of getting them back if i were to sell them if i regretted that decision.

RockmanII72381d ago

I'd be ok with it under two conditions, one every game should have a demo if you're gonna expect me to buy the game new for a higher price than I would have for used for a game I have no idea if I'll like or not, odds are I won't. I'm not about to risk a lot of money on a product that I'm not sure if I'd enjoy or not. You can't sell XBLA games, but each and every XBLA game has a demo that you can try before you buy and I think that's a fair trade off. My second condition is Games need to be Day 1 $50, that's how it works on Steam you can't go to Gamestop to sell a game from Steam but on the flip side games on Steam launch at $50 instead of $60. It's a give/take, if they take the Used Game market and don't give anything back I know I'll be a lot more tempted to not buy the consoles involved.

sloth33952381d ago

alot of places like game stop only sell a used game usually for $5 less then a new game

RockmanII72381d ago

This isn't just about Gamestop, if this goes into play you won't be able to borrow a game from a friend, you couldn't play your game on another system unless you retrieve your id, you couldn't use your disc to help run local tournaments if the place of the tournament had no online connection, there are a lot of things that would be effected by this.

neogeo2381d ago

What about people like me that only buy used games years later? How is that losing them money? I'm still collecting sega cd games. I'm sure they will be pissed I bought Sewer shark and Night Trap used. Big development loss there!