1up Preview: What's So Terrible About DmC, Anyway?

Jeremy Parish: What's so terrible about DmC? People sure were angry when Capcom revealed this Devil May Cry prequel/reboot last year. Not having particularly followed the series myself, I found the outcry a little baffling. Sure, it was being outsourced rather than being developed internally by Capcom, but the studio responsible for it is Ninja Theory, who have yet to make a poor game; on the contrary, their work -- particularly the recent sleeper Enslaved: Journey to the West -- have been quite nicely received by critics.

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NovusTerminus2384d ago

It is not Devil May Cry, in any way.

30fps, which while this may seem like mindless complaining just try to frame dodge and just block (If styles are even in it) with 30 instead of 60 frames to work with.

Art style is now completely wrong, and the graphics are far worse then DMC4, imaging if DMC5 used the current MT Framework build that RE6 is.

Gameplay is looking more brain dead then 3, and 4. Devil Trigger ends when you hit the ground? What is that!

THIS is Devil May Cry

And this, MAD props to Brea here! (start at 1min)

Dante looks and acts 100% different then in the past, with no real design to him, just some Brit with a coat on with some jeans and a plain white t shirt. Kamiya stated he didn't want Dante to smoke because it was a cheap way of making someone look 'tough'... so congrats NT, you took the cheap way.

Devil May Cry 3 was all about combo's and that continued (But stumbled a little in DMC4) the new game looks to choppy with its combat, with a lack of focus on the combat.

The music has been shifted from Metal to Dubstep, which does not fit DMC at ALL!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2384d ago

Yeah the music was actually bugging me a lot. It's so not...badass anymore.
I really hope capcom decides to make Devil May Cry 5 after this and continue with the original story with the original characters, mythology, etc.

Megaman_nerd2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

The article starts by stating that the author played a DMC game for the first time when the collection came out and that's why he doesn't understand anything. He probably doesn't even know what a jump cancel is let alone have any attachment with the characters. And then in the comment section we have a bunch of kids rambling about DMC fans being the ultimate evil.

Why is so hard for some people to understand why are there many other people that hate the reboot so much?

J-Killer152384d ago

It's a lost cause at this point. You have to understand that these are the people that Capcom are targeting with DmC. No matter how much you try to explain to people why there shouldn't have been a reboot(to a series that was 7 at the time they started planning this out by the way) they just won't get it.

It's obvious most of the people who criticize DMC fans have either:

a) never played a DMC game before


b) played most of the games, but never did S/SS rank runs, don't understand it from a technical standpoint and are probably oblivious to the Truestyle Tournament scene.

We just have to accept the L and walk away.

cemelc2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

You know considering the game is not out yet and you dont even know if you can do all those things you mention, you just sound like a hater just for the sake of hating.

Yesterday a new trailer came out, and you know what? the trailer looks great, the setting looks great, the over the top action is there and for what i can gather you still pretty much have most of the moves.

I have played dmc1,3 and regrettably 4 this game needed a reboot just because the guy doesnt have grey hair doesnt mean is bad, this article nails the hating on this game.

VanillaBear2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

I find it hilarious that after one "good" well put together trailer which they edited in such a way to make it look a little like the old DMC, that the people who fell for it think it looks good now and will defend the crap out of it.

Sorry but after EVERYTHING they've shown us since it was first revealed and EVERYTHING they've said in interviews (arrogance, calling old DMC fans, calling old Dante, calling the DMC creator) shouldn't be outbalanced and forgotten by one "average" looking trailer.

SkolarVisari2384d ago

Honestly this new design looks rather generic to me. Dante's original design made him stand out more. I personally don't like the structure of DMC's combat system as I feel like it doesn't give as many options as Ninja Gaiden's. It really only supports one type of gameplay and that is rushdown. (Granted NG does definitely favor a more defensive type of play style.) That said I wouldn't have handed the game to Ninja Theory since I have yet to see any evidence that they can make anything even approaching DMC at its' best or even its' worst.

As far as Enslaved being well received by critics, so was Mass Effect 3 and we all know how it turned out when people got to the last ten minutes. Most of these so called critics really have no idea what they are talking about.