1up Preview: Resident Evil 6 and the Death of Camp

When people talk about Resident Evil -- at least, the old-school Resident Evil, before the fourth game reinvented the series' entire feel and nature -- they fall, inexorably, into the deep gravity well of the PlayStation original's intensely campy dialogue. Ridiculous as its script and inept as its acting were, the sheer awfulness of Resident Evil's presentation was a crucial factor in elevating it to the status of true classic. As its play mechanics grew stale with age and its full-motion video sequences became increasingly dated, the B-movie quality of its narrative helped tie the whole thing together, lending its more aged elements the charming appeal of a 1970s budget horror flick. It's not timeless, exactly, but it's schlockiness somehow made it impervious to the passage of time nevertheless.

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zaz122381d ago

"For starters, the characters' voices and motion-capture acting are both provided by American actors (U.S. and Canadian). That right there is a significant decision for a Japanese developer, at least in terms of mo-cap."

What are these guys smoking? Resident evil games always have English voice actors even in Japan.
The original RE's opening scene was a life action made by "Americans" actors!!