SideQuesting Review: Kid Icarus Uprising

Doug Lang of writes: "All in all, this game has everything: Amazing visuals? You bet. Sweeping orchestral sound scores, and cute 8-bit homages? Yes, sir. Unique game play? And then some! Treasures, unlockables, augmented reality integration, on-line play? Oh yeah. But it’s also unfortunate that 50% of this game is hindered simply by how it controls. There are sections of the population who I truly don’t believe could physically play this game (sorry lefties). No matter how you customize it, it will be a less than ideal setup. I want more Kid Icarus, I want more of the light hearted story, I want more of this kind of voice acting, I just hope we get to see it in better form. All the pieces are here for an amazing experience, they just need to be rearranged. But, for a 20+ year hiatus, this isn’t a terrible way for Pit to get back into the game."

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