CRYSIS 3 Set in New York City, Features Sandbox FPS Experience and Launches in Spring 2013

Additional details of Crytek’s upcoming FPS title ‘Crysis 3′ have been revealed which suggest that the game would once again take us back in the Urban Jungle of New York offering the best Sandbox FPS experience on market, Launch of the title is said to be around Spring 2013 with official announcement of the game on April 15th.

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NYC_Gamer2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

So will Crytek focus on story/gameplay or just graphics again?

MrBeatdown2408d ago

I thought the story and gameplay in Crysis 2 was pretty good, especially by FPS standards.

enfestid2408d ago

Co-sign. The story was much better than the first. There were some weak moments (especially in regards to how they chose to tell said story), but overall it was good.

kevnb2408d ago

crysis 2 was crap compared to crysis though... not surprising when they went multiplat. Sure games can still be good on console, but they have to be dumbed down. Before someone screams dark souls, its still a very simple game even if difficult and fun.

GamingTruth2408d ago

dumbed down

haha haha lol

SnotyTheRocket2408d ago

@kevnb Blame consoles more..... /s

Ashunderfire862408d ago

One of the longest single player FPS campaign I ever played in a long time. Most FPS games last 5 hours, this last about 12 hours. The multiplayer was not original at all, but it was still good. It was like if Halo and Call of Duty had a baby. I hope New York is not the only location, because last time I play this game New York was already like a wasteland jungle. Even though I knew your character was pretty much a walking corpse, I didn't like the fact that he can't talk(Well at least there is a reason behind it unlike most FPS games), cause in the first game your main character talks. Wish they never killed off Prophet. But anyway I would like to get Crysis 3, and hopefully the A.I. is smart from day one, instead of a patch.

SilentNegotiator2408d ago

"crysis 2 was crap compared to crysis though... not surprising when they went multiplat. Sure games can still be good on console, but they have to be dumbed down. Before someone screams dark souls, its still a very simple game even if difficult and fun"

So are you suggesting Dark Souls is less complex than Crysis 1?


Wenis2408d ago

I dont care much for stories in games. Most are pretty lame anyways. You can only really play the story once.. the gameplay is what keeps people coming back, if its good that is.

Outside_ofthe_Box2408d ago

***"I dont care much for stories in games. Most are pretty lame anyways."***

If you played more than just FPSs you'd probably care more for stories.

Ares84HU2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I liked the game too but NYC AGAIN???? Come on now!!!! Surely there must be other places on this planet right????

Oh and I like a good story as much as the next guy but in a video game I'm looking for good enjoyable engaging GAMEPLAY. Story is second in my book as long as it has great responsive control with great physics, none or very little bugs.

I think in a video game GAMEPLAY is #1. If you want a great story, read a book!

BitbyDeath2408d ago

@kevnb, Crysis 1 is also on consoles...

decrypt2408d ago


So is BF3 Lite, whats your point?

OhMyGandhi2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

totally agree.
I really enjoyed Crysis 2.
Those who thought Crysis 1 was so damned good need to replay it again. Crysis 2 at least attempted to move you within an emotional context, which I give them huge props for.

Anyway, both games have better stories than Killzone 2 and 3 (and yes I own both of them), as the stories aren't drowning in their own maligned sense of melodrama, nor shrouded in every Cliche known to man. Crysis knew that a super soldier who fights along others like and below him in a physical capacity isn't the most original of concepts, but they at least had the balls to give a "wink wink nudge nudge" approach to it, while other games display similar concepts, but with a dead serious face, unaware of just how uninspired that concept really is, and taking offense when others call them out on it.

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CarlitoBrigante2408d ago

I'm tired of Crysis, Crysis 2 was boring.

Tyre2408d ago Show
chaldo2408d ago

love it when you click read full story and it brings up that this site is suspended page :P

Muffins12232408d ago

They dident even focus on graphics,crysis 1 had bigger environments and more objects on the screen.Sense its sandbox im guessing there bringing it back and the console version will be like battlefield 3 port from pc

ATi_Elite2408d ago

There are many great places on this planet to have an alien invasion without having to use New York all the darn time!

San Fransisco, Tokyo, Moscow, Chicago, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Paris, Venice, all would be nice!

Phoenix would be awesome! Desert in Phoenix and 20 minutes to the North in Flagstaff you got plenty of Woods, wildlife, and even snow!

Russia and the Chernobyl area are my favorite locations and STALKER does it perfectly!

anyway the world has many great spots besides New York and hopefully they go back to the original Crysis format of the sandbox shooter which made the game so great!

Oh and use the CryEngine 2 for the PC version please now that so many cheap GPU's can run it!!!

Kos-Mos2408d ago

Well said. +bubbles
Repeat after me:
Good graphics does not make a game good.

hiredhelp2408d ago

Good graphics helps make a good game.

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NukaCola2409d ago

Sandbox in New York...

eeerrr a part of me is a little upset since I want Fallout 4 to take place in NY.

Statix2408d ago

I really hope this is a full-blown, open-world environment by Crytek this time, a la Far Cry 2 and 3; as opposed to the semi-open Crysis (and even more linear Crysis 2).

If it turns out to be just another linear shooter like Crysis 2 was, then I can't say I'd be all that interested. Not when Far Cry 3 is coming out the same year.

OllieBoy2409d ago

If it's a true sandbox, then sign me the hell up for this.

guitarded772408d ago

Sandbox yes!!! NYC NO!!! I know NYC is an American icon and all, but there are far more interesting cities to explore in America alone, and if you go worldwide, the choices get even better. I guess it's just easier to use the resources from Crysis 2 and get the game to the market faster.

Frankfurt2408d ago

The forest has overtaken the city. Look at the images - trees over streetlights, etc.

Mrmagnumman3572408d ago

The only other world class city that would really work for the game would be Chicago, which would be awesome. think about it, the sears tower, Chicago river, lake Michigan, navy pier. It would be awesome. Im actually already making a mod for crysis 2 set in an open world chicago though. But here are some pics [IMG]

But now that I think about it, maybe London would work, London is another great city, which would be pretty cool

guitarded772408d ago

@ Mrmagnumman357

There are a few cities I'd like to play around in sandbox style...

Seattle, San Francisco, Tokyo, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, Pyongyang, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, ... and a few more.

But like I said, I'm sure they stuck with New York because the assets are already made and it will cut production time and cost.

arnyftw2408d ago

@guitarded77 lol Pyongyang, I doubt they'll be able to make a accurate version of that.

guitarded772407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

@ arnyftw

Yeah, but it would be pretty bad ass if they could. Ryugyong Hotel would be the center piece and last mission of the game.

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Kingdom Come2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Hopefully the game will be closer resemblant of Crysis 1's exploration, I'd love an open world with non-scripted enemy positioning, making each turn in the road unpredictable. Hopefully the Aliens aren't as prominent figures as they where in 2 and more in the style of the originals design, smaller Alien opponents for simple battles and huge aliens wreaking havoc on their environments for the more spectacular set piece moments... I'm excited nonetheless.

Fatalok2408d ago ils-and-screen-of-crysis-3/pen

hey what the fuck?