Hitman Absolution Professional Edition Up For Pre-Order, Price And Bonus DLC At EB Games, Best Buy

A new Professional Edition for the upcoming Hitman Absolution has been announced for the Xbox 360 and PS3 (no word on a PC version), even though we are still waiting on a release date.

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Rearden2382d ago

Damn, I thought that weapons suitcase was real and came with the game :)

Relientk772382d ago

I did too, that would have been way cooler

SPAM-FRITTER-1232381d ago

no good really as i never use weapons unless the game forces me.

with the look of the new hitman gameplay, maybe akimbo NON-silenced AK47s would be better.

Wumbo2382d ago

For a good minute i thought the weapons were airsoft guns or even real Ahah!

Well i guess Preordering from a certain site/store to get a weapon that should already be in the game is just as good. /sarcasm

Bay2382d ago

Would've liked a full blown, full-sized art book instead of those mini ones, but eh. Still getting it.

VanillaBear2382d ago

This is a really bad CE, this is how NOT to do one

I mean come on....a Making of DVD, something which will be on Youtube in a week. The game dosen't even come in a steelbook. I was hoping for a replica silenced gun on a stand

They should of just called it a Limited Edition....

I hope they announce a proper CE soon

ShabbaRanks2374d ago

You may be disappointed by what you are going to hear

First of all David Bateson wont be the voice actor for 47 even if he was since the very first game, codename 47. Jesper Kyd won’t even do the music for Absolution and he won tons of awards for previous titles. Especially for blood money


In this one you’re mission is to kill Diana (yes DIANA) witch is probably the reason I will buy it anyway so I can have that million dollar question answered


Most of the game will be in Chicago and cops will be after you. So basically it will be kind of like a Jason Bourne type game, much like Splinter cell conviction. Plus Mini map has been removed, so now you have an instinct skill instead. The instinct skill lets you see enemies thru walls and see the path they take. This skill will be less powered as the difficulty level increases. It also needs to be recharged by doing amazing feats, such as sneaking and performing headshots

One thing I know is that graphics have greatly improved and I was impressed. Kane and Lynch 1 and 2 weren’t much of a graphical powerhouse if you know what I mean. Neither were the past Hitman games. Blood money had some nice parallax features for its time. But it’s the story and the gameplay that made it into the masterpiece it is.

There are some cool nice touches that make the new Hitman game more real. In Absolution if you take a disguise, you still have a chance of getting caught it you don’t act like the disguise ur in. For example if you dress as a cop, talking into you’re radio makes you less suspicious and so on

The only big disappointments are like I said no more Jesper Kyd or David Bateson. Not to mention that from all the footage I’ve seen and trailers, the game seems to be more linear then past titles and less stealth orientated

Still going to buy this CE tho, but Im sad inside :(

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