GotGame: Madden 13 Cover Athlete: And Then There Were 4

GotGame: And so it is now down to 4 players, who are battling it out to become the cover athlete for Madden 13, after the 3rd round of voting was completed.

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Emilio_Estevez2380d ago

Where the F was Eli is this whole thing? They picked Cruz for the G-men, yet Eli carried the team the whole season and through the Superbowl. Maybe it's for the better the G-men didn't make the cut, don't want a curse on either of them. To bad there aren't any Cowgirls or Eagles to get cursed.

Ramon3MR2380d ago

I know...but as a NY Giants fan, I don't want a Giant on the cover, only to see them injured lol.

nevin12380d ago

They should concentrate more on building a proper madden.