Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut adds player "personalisation" to endings


Mass Effect 3's Extended Cut will expand the game's endings with "a sense of personalisation" specific to your playthrough.

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Mythicninja2407d ago

I love personalization. I chose the RED ending myself, but would prefer it to have been more burgundy, or perhaps mahogany. Instead of green ending perhaps more of a chartreuse

omi25p2407d ago

Id like a nice beige coloured ending. I think the plain and boring colour that is beige will really complement the mass effects equally plain and boring ending.

da_2pacalypse2407d ago

notice that they used the word "sense"

They could have easily just said: "we wanted to give the endings more personalization"


joydestroy2407d ago

"...It wasn't in the game because we didn't know there was such a huge demand for it, to be honest with you."

uh, so i guess they thought no one really cared about their choices standing out. that's what a lot of the game is about lol

ziggurcat2407d ago

you do realize that there was a finite amount of choice available, which means that no one's story was actually unique, therefore makes it impossible for anyone's choices to "stand out" because everyone made the same choices... right?

Mythicninja2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

"The dev team stands by what was released in the core product, and we're very proud of it," Gamble concluded. "It was important though for us to listen to the community, and a lot of that feedback didn't come until the game came out. Once we were listening we decided to include the extended cut."

Why can't people own their mistakes anymore? Bullshit, the ending was crap and whoever was involved in making the last ten minutes royally fucked up. Then due to unprecedented consumer outlash you decided to polish the turd you had to try and save a little face so that future sales would not be as negatively affected. If they stood by the "art" they wouldn't change or add a thing, but they know it was garbage. Too proud to admit it I guess

TekoIie2407d ago

Imagine that one day you play halo reach and make an amazing map but everyone else says its crap. you like the map despite what people say because you made it and you decide not to believe everyone else's opinion.

This is like that. They're just proud of their work so be a little more open minded rather than try to tell them that what you say is fact compared to what they say...

mep692407d ago

Sorry Pekolie but this is not like that. The fact that we were promised a defining based on the choies we made from all 3 mass effects. Instead all we got was die, die or die and bye mass relays. Leaving all the galaxies fleets suck in our system.
If you think that is a good way to end an amazing series, then you are either a really bad troll or just don't understand stories.
You can't compare the end of Trillogy to a map.

Anon19742407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I just had lunch with a table of 20 something's yesterday and the topic of Mass Effect's 3 ending came up. To a one they all thoroughly enjoyed the game, including the ending and a couple stated that they really liked how it all ended. The conversation then shifted to "What the hell is wrong with people," when the discussion of the lengths to which people had gone to try to hurt Bioware, from FTC complaints to targeting individual members of the Bioware staff.

My point is there are plenty of gamers and critics alike who had no issue with the ending. Does anyone else find it incredibly arrogant of the group demanding a re-written end, that they somehow feel their opinions are the only ones that matter, even over those of the game's creators, and everyone else should conform?

wollie2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I was hanging out with MY 20-30 year old pals at our weekly shindig and our consensus was that the game was awesome, but the ending was a pile of crap. Plot holes being the worst offender.

My point is just because you know some people that liked it and i know some people that didnt we have NOOOOO idea was the "general" consensus is.

tigertron2407d ago

Well if people are happy with an ending thats riddled with giant plotholes and logic that makes no sense whatsoever, then they don't have to download the ending DLC.

ziggurcat2407d ago

another bubble for you, sir.

nikrel2407d ago

I am sooooo glad I stood my ground and missed every MassEffect game released for the PS3.

Maybe the idea was colors all along from the start lol.

Mythicninja2407d ago

I wish I was there with you. Don't every play them the first one is soooooo good that you will feel compelled to play the others, and then you will be incredibly let down at the end of the third

Nimblest-Assassin2407d ago

No he should still play them, they are very good games, but he should turn off his console after his final talk with Anderson.

You did good kid, and that was were it should have ended

despair2407d ago

don't listen to Mythicninja. The first one was decent but was wayy too buggy and you fought the controls every step of the way. The second was much better in pacing and feel but they streamlined it too much, the third was a good balance between the first two (though much more slanted towards the second game) but they screwed up the ending and quite a few of the side missions (more like fetch quests).

Thats just the gameplay part. The actual atmosphere, world, Voice Acting, story, characters and overall quality of all three games are exceptional. The first definitely had the best story, but thats mostly as it was a new and exciting universe, but the other two were extremely well done.

Just don't let the disappointing ending of ME3 take away from an impressive trilogy with dozens, if not hundreds of instances when you will realise that you are playing an exceptional series.

My advice, play all three, in order and import your character every time.

49erguy2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Didn't know there was a huge demand for choice? That sounds like EA's thinking.

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