Games Radar: The Top 7... Franchise Embarrassments

Every family's got one. The drunken brother-in-law. The cousin with a criminal record. The perverted uncle who hasn't been invited to reunions or holidays since his incident with the goat. Whatever the name and whatever the shame, we all know that one relative we're just not supposed to talk about.

Every videogame franchise has one of these regrettable members as well. Fans and developers may try to ignore, forget or even erase its existence, but the stain will always remain. Here are the seven most surprising... and most humiliating.

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MK_Red3934d ago

Nice find but WTF is Prince Of Persia: WW doing there? It was a find game. What about POP 3D? Now that was a disaster.

I hadn't even heard of some. Resident Evil Gaiden!? Also, they should have included Mortal Kombat: Special Forces as well as Devil May Cry 2 and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

name3934d ago

Rainbow Six: Lockdown.
Silent Hill Arcade