Blu-Ray Triumphs at Gadget Show

Warner's Blu-ray discs outsold their HD DVD rivals by three to two in the holiday season, not counting "Planet Earth" titles, which had an unusual following among owners of HD DVD players, Tsujihara said.

The fight between Blu-ray and HD DVD is reminiscent of the struggle between Betamax and VHS to dominate video tapes. In that case, the results were the opposite: Sony's more costly higher-quality Betamax lost out to the cheap and convenient VHS.

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halo3betasnatch out3963d ago

I'm not quite sure why anyone would want HD-DVD over blueray!

TANOD3963d ago


after WARNER's announcement

eagle213963d ago

It earned every ounce of good news.

ravinash3963d ago

The last guy talked about downloadable content for movies from services like MS's Live.
Thats fine if you want to rent films, but prefur to own them on disk.