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There's a mutual awe between people discussing the deep secrets and mystery of Fez. Curiosity, envy, and excitement dominate conversations about bewildering thematic patterns, creative solutions to intelligent puzzles, and unforgettable level design. Players are likely to gush about the beautiful aesthetic and childlike sense of wonder in equal measure.

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Chuk52408d ago

Both from people who have not played the game vs. someone who has.

N4G at its finest.

Hicken2408d ago

You don't always have to play a game to get an understanding of what it's about.

It may very well be a good game. Hell, it may be a great game. But that doesn't mean that what from the beach said is necessarily wrong, nor does it change the truth that prefaces Acquiescence's statement.

I, personally, have had no interest in supporting this game since the comments the creator made regarding Japanese developers. It was short-sighted, ignorant, insulting, and actually flat-out wrong. Definitely not the sort of thing you say in a public forum, and yet he did.

Are you surprised that people would have the response they do to this game, anything to creator says, or the reviews?

Chuk52408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I think some people are taking his comments out of proportion and context. Not only did he apologize to the japanese developer in question, he clarified his statement which was largely in regards to modern japanese games. I think claiming all modern japanese games suck was still a bit much "you got companies like NIS and Atlus still doing good things) but largely there has been a lack of vison or excitement from companies like capcom, tecmo, konami etc.

So I do agree with him to some extent. However people are claiming the game is crap because it's rip-off of mario are clearly just ignorant people who heard something through the echo-chamber of the internet.

from the beach2408d ago

The review explains why the game is rubbish, videos show how it's ripping off Super Paper Mario, and anyone with eyes can see it's ugly.

Lots of people are quite rightly not buying it because it looks crap, added to the fact the guy slammed Japan's game design masters despite taking six years to make a 2D platform game.

Modern Japanese games suck? Oh right, so only Bayonetta, Metal Gear Solid 4, Child of Eden, Vanquish, Resident Evil 5, Gran Turismo 5, Valkyrie Chronicles, Super Mario Galaxy, Demon Souls, Hard Corps Uprising, Skyward Sword etc etc etc.

Aggesan2408d ago

This would be great for Vita.

Moncole2408d ago

It would probably be better on 3DS because the 3D

Aggesan2407d ago

Yeah, that might be true. Can't believe I got 4 disagrees for saying it would be great for Vita though :/ What's wrong with people in this place?

from the beach2408d ago

Game looks ugly as its designer's face, concept is pinched shamelessly from Super Paper Mario.

Review makes it sound like the typical modern indie 2D platform game in that you can't die, can't fail and will blow "through numerous stages in a short span of time".

In other words.. your game sucks.

*edited for 'bad language', lol. Truth bombs hurt.

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