Resident Evil 6: Capcom Reveals A New HUD

Most of the new features in gameplay are still unknown, but we’ve gotten a few new tidbits that we will cover in our full preview. Through some of the content we received from Capcom, its looks like a new HUD is coming to the game.

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Almir9082408d ago

Lol a HUD...So what is so surprising about a heads-up display. I've played many games with HUD like wrestling and sports games, uncharted, Batman ECT...

parasit32408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

It's a new HUD for gamers to get used to. That's a big change in the RE universe - comparable to when the control schemes got changed up and modernized in RE. Plus, we don't know if this new Resident Evil HUD is a good or bad thing.

Almir9082408d ago

Idk a new HUD is not something I'm excited about Resident evil 6, I don't use HUDS for any other games so I'm not using one for this

Sevir2408d ago

I'd like to play this game before the general community! It looks amazing

parasit32408d ago

I want to get a hold of a PC demo or get into the Beta for this game, if you ask me. Operation Raccoon had no demo at all. Remember when RE5 had a demo before release? I hope the same happens for RE6.

Sevir2408d ago

I think PS+ members will get the demo around the same time!

gameseveryday2407d ago

The question to be asked is whether the new HUD will be as revolutionary as the one in RE4