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Reverge Labs and their “sprite-based’ game engine have created a visually amazing 2D fighter that is as charming and addictive as it is challenging. A digital-download for PS3 and Xbox 360; the colorful cast of characters and fine-tuned gameplay mechanics define Skullgirls as a tier-one fighter.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2381d ago

It looks really fun but I know the over sexualized characters are gonna get annoying after a while... to me anyway.

SarahFox2381d ago

it actually wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, it's more fun then sexual with the artwork

Myst2381d ago

I really like it and even the inclusion of frame data in training mode. Really nice thing to have especially for me who has a bit of trouble interpreting it at times. The mechanics of the game are really nice to just need to work on learning and perfecting combos. Like Valentine's

mttrackmaster382381d ago

I bought it and realized how freakin hard it is to do a quarter-circle move with a dualshock. I'm buying a fightstcik asap! This game is great!

Hicken2381d ago

Why don't you just use the d-pad? Depending on the game(or the move I'm trying to execute), I use either one.

mttrackmaster382380d ago

lol I tried. It only executes the move like 75% of the time. I might just have a faulty controller.

soundslike2380d ago

use the d-pad and just practice. I can do combos that people would expect out of an arcade stick on a dualshock. Not bragging, just saying its more practice than anything else, unless your controller is truly messed up.

Gotta wear off that d-pad texture though, once you do, things get smoother

Kyosuke_Sanada2381d ago

This game is funny as hell and a great fighter to boot. It feels really different compared to others but in a good way and the animation is phenomenal. Just the walking animation for Parasoul herself screams style and personality....

God Bless Egret 13 when you call him in to take a hit for you....