Sniper Elite V2 Preview | Hard Reset

Ben Quy from Hard Reset previews the Sniper Elite V2 demo. Scoping the ins and outs and letting you know if its worth your time.

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BiggCMan2384d ago

I was super happy with the demo.

A somewhat related note, I have a kinda funny story about this game. When I saw the demo yesterday in the PS Store, I thought it was just a sequel to that one sniping game called Sniper Ghost Warrior. Then I played it, and saw that it was WW2 based, and I knew that Ghost Warrior game was modern combat. I looked up both games and finally realized that this is a remake to a game I had played ages ago, and I was shocked!

Ministerb2384d ago

your not the only one man, I also thought this was to do with sniper ghost warrior initially lol.