Have Ninja Theory Made Dante a Little Less Emo?

New footage from Captivate 2012 for DmC suggests that the developers may have taken on fan feedback a little.

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Godmars2902472d ago

NT is just backsliding all over the place.

Ares84HU2472d ago

I don't think so.

Dante now looks a lot like Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

NewMonday2472d ago

NT never listen to fan feedback, they just mock us, its because of Capcom who have a lot at stake with this game that they cant afford to let it release midst fan fury

Splooshington2472d ago

The newer Dante does appear to be less emo. I'm glad that dodgy fringe has been shortened.

Captain Qwark 92472d ago

seeing him like that, i actually dont think he looks bad at all anymore. i could support this one. admittedly i still prefer the old one but he is solid now. in the end though it was/is irrelevant, i have planned to buy this day 1 since it was announced

Splooshington2472d ago

Agreed. People have made too much of a fuss over the character design. As long as the gameplay is solid, why should we care?

I've played every game in the series and it's not like I have any emotional attachment to the old design. He's a bit of an arse no matter what he looks like.

gaffyh2472d ago

The gameplay looks a little slow paced though from what I've seen. DMC is usually quite fast paced so hopefully capcom can fix that issue.

TheBlackSmoke2472d ago

One is a rendered proof of concept scene and the other is ingame almost 2years later...of course they wont look the same.

No game developer comes up with a final character design at the beginning of a project, this is not news.

oh and nice to see whiners creating articles like this one where they try to convince themselves their moaning had an effect on anything. Hope this game kicks ass.

blind-reaper2472d ago

The game may be good (NT is a good developer) but the fact that the DMC fanbase feel betrayed (for changing many things including the whole personality of the main character) is what it will make the game fail (at least with DMC fans).

Venox20082472d ago

it's a reboot after all

xtreampro2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Whatever happened to original character designs? Nowadays characters from many games just look the flippin same, and what the hell is wrong with NT! why do their character models have yellow skin and what seems to look like skin rash?

This actually looks like Enslaved which looked like crap. I can't believe we will never again get to see a game that has the same vibe, feel and atmosphere as DMC1,2,3 & 4.

Oh well everything's going to shit and people are supporting it so what can we do?

Lucretia2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

first off DMC2 was the worst in the series and This dmc looks leagues better than that crap. Mikami didnt even make 2, it was just some random cash in that the original dmc creator didnt know about.

2nd, dmc1 was good, it was, Chaos legion sorta felt like it but wasnt as fun. DMC3 was awesome instory and gameplay, it was the best in the series. 4 was awesome, loved nero, dante and well everyone except that dude with the monicle. gameplay was great and story wasnt horrible.

and now there is this wanna be dmc that looks like it plays good (the previewers say it plays good) and they fixed his design compared to the original black haired version. No we will never have the original DMC back cuz mikami is busy making Bayonetta/anarchy reigns and isnt part of capcom. But im sure this will be the only time we see a black haired dante.

Capcom had all their forces working on resident evil 6, thats why they outsourced this dmc.

eitherway looks fun, and i want it.

would like to see Nero meet his father Vergil though, would be awesome to see him Fight vergil

xtreampro2472d ago

What looks good to you? the over the top color contrast, I bet there's tons of jaggies that would literally make this game game unplayable for me.

YT vids tend to hide AA problems in many games which is why a game like Tekken 6 which looked great on YT was literally slicing up my eyes when I bought the game.

This new DmC also looks kind of washed out which also pisses me off. The atmosphere and vibe I'm getting from this game is nothing like DMC3.

This will be the end of franchise.

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The story is too old to be commented.