OXM: Why I hope Xbox 720 drops the Xbox 360 pad

OXM's Edwin writes: "I don't want to pay £300 or more for the privilege of playing today's shooters in higher resolution. And if the Xbox 360 pad returns in force, I suspect that's what I'll be presented with."

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NYC_Gamer2570d ago

I like the 360 controller its just the d-pad that sucks

AJB12570d ago

New D-Pad, the controller would be perfect.

BattleTorn2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

The new controllers do have a new D-Pad.

If you buy any of the special edition controllers (ie. MW3, GearsofWar3, or Star Wars, or the Chrome ones)

They all have a rotating D-Pad that is much better.

EasilyTheBest2570d ago

The Nextbox controller will look very similar the D pad will be better.
The controller will split into two pieces, for motion controls. click back together for regular games.

r1sh122570d ago

the Dpad and the battery pack.
They have fixed the D pad now (took 5 years),
all the have left to remove is the massive weight adding battery pack. If the back of the controller is flush it will be great.

I do love the 360 controller but I do hope they address those 2 concerns.

tigertron2570d ago

Aslong as you don't have to keep putting batteries in it I'll be happy.

TheDareDevil2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Yeah, a cable with the wireless controller would've been perfect.

God knows how many matches I had to quit in Reach because my batteries ran out >:(

maniacmayhem2570d ago

Get the battery pack that comes with a recharge cable. Problem solved for life.

Mikhail2570d ago

yeah, the Dpad sucks compared the DS3. The layout and triggers are superior though.

Mikhail2570d ago

DualShock 3, PS3's controller.

GameGuy2570d ago

Ok, I definetaly know what that is. I just never seen it acronymed....if that's a word LOL

Splooshington2570d ago

The 360 controller design is my favourite of any console to date. It's really comfortable to hold and the only issue is the temperamental D-Pad.

Kalowest2570d ago

What's wrong with the pad, it actually why i like the controller. The pad is used for quick items/weapon switching in some games. The 360 controller does suck with fighting games, but everybody should know that.

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The story is too old to be commented.