Awesomenauts - Awesome, these Nauts (Hooked Gamers)

Hooked Gamers writes: "Ronimo have come a long way since the release of de Blob and Swords & Soldiers. Co-founder Fabian Akker fondly remembers pitching their first game to THQ. “We got lost on the way to our appointment. That would have been bad enough, but we managed to let the car slip off the road and into the mud. When we finally had it back on the road, we were soaking wet and our trousers looked like we had just stepped out of a river.” at that, he smiles adding “and the air dryer at the nearby McDonalds did little to clean us up”. Pitching their games is a little easier these days – not to mention a lot less messy – but the team still works as hard as ever creating their third game, Awesomenauts."

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